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Art Korner Exhibits HUD

It can be tiring for most people to search through their Landmarks folder or the innumerable art groups which exist inworld to stay updated about the various exhibits and installations opening inworld every week.

Through the Art Korner Exhibits HUD released by us every Monday, we invite you to explore the many different art exhibitions and installations inworld.

The HUD provides users with a smooth, hassle-free experience as they navigate the art world using simple, easy-to-use one-touch teleports. Just ADD the HUD from your inventory and you are ready to go!

Poster 230522.png

How to Get the Art Korner Exhibits HUD?

  • Join our inworld group by pasting the following code into local chat: secondlife:///app/group/e0e5060f-202d-3080-050f-f93f79beb4b5/about

  • If you are out of group space, visit the Art Korner Main Gallery and subscribe using our inworld Subscribo to get the HUD every week!

  • Use any of our HUD kiosks available at several locations across the grid to get the HUD every week.

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