Exhibits at Artsville

Through our three galleries and two immersive art space (COMING SOON) at Artsville, we strive to bring into the spotlight new artists as well as provide a space for established artists to transform their visions and creativity into reality.


Maloe's SL photography is truly beautiful and a gem in its own right. Her art has been showcased in many galleries already. We are really honored to have her be the very first exhibitor to display their work at ARTSVILLE.


JUST A LITTLE by Hayley Dixon

What happens when we add "Just A Little" light or color to a picture? The image can get completely transformed into something magical. Discover the magic through this amazing exhibition by Hayley Dixon.


WHEN YOU OPEN A DOOR by Scylla Rhiadra

Scylla Rhiadra's perspective and thoughts on the importance of doors in our life, seeing them as opportunities and choices is depicted in this exhibition at Artsville.