Our Projects

Artsville is our new project in collaboration with ValiumSL which is designed to promote art and photography in Second Life. At Artsville, we have three galleries, two immersive art spaces and the AIR Lounge, which features some of the best musicians and DJs on the grid.


It can be quite difficult to go through the many art groups which exist, attempting to hunt for events. Instead, you can just keep checking our Art & Photography Events Calendar, created to compile all these events in one place!


The AIR Lounge at Artsville features some of the best performers and DJs on the grid every Sunday. Click below for a TP.


Every Monday, we compile the Art Korner Exhibits HUD, which provides one-touch teleports to the many exhibitions and installations which have opened up across the grid within the past week.

Poster 230522.png

Artsville Photography Workshops

Want to learn photography from some of the best artists and photographers on the grid? Check out our Workshops, which are coming to Artsville soon!


Check out this amazing photo contest organzied by Art Korner SL and ValiumSL, based on the Artsville region with prizes up to L$7,000!

1_Artsville Photo Contest Announcement Poster.png