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0utland Christmas - Exploring a Magical Winter Wonderland

Explore a gingerbread village, a land full of snowmen and much more in this outstanding winter destination from the creators of Wonderland 2.0.

When Lucifer (samael.morningstar) informed me that he and his partner, Violette (violette.rembrandt), had created a winter destination, I knew I had to visit and explore it at the earliest opportunity. Their previous build, Wonderland 2.0 (check out my blog article HERE), had left me amazed at their creativity. Together, they create out-of-the-world destinations which will leave you spellbound.

And 0utland Christmas did not disappoint even one bit! The place is located on a full region and has been planned out really well. Just like Wonderland 2.0, it is the attention to details that makes this destination such a pleasure to explore.

A snowman holding a crude street lamp welcomes you to 0utland Christmas - a magical, snowy landscape. Everything from the choice of sky, the dreamy aurora in places, the gently falling snow creates an atmosphere of fantasy and romance.

Behind the snowman is a snowy Christmas tree with a train going around it. Gift boxes lie around it. Violette and Lucifer have utilized the space within the build quite well and have managed to pack a whole lot into one region and still, it never seems too much!

There is no recommended route to follow for this region. It is meant for exploration the way you want to. As you move from one point to another, you will see something else which will attract your attention and make you want to move there.

The highlight of the region, for me, is perhaps the Gingerbread village, which lies to the west. Here, the fences, paths, houses, steps and even trains are made with gingerbread. And of course, who occupies the village? Gingerbread men and women! It is such a joyful, photogenic place that one can spend a lot of time simply clicking photos from different angles.

Within the village, you will also find a hill filled with huge gumdrops, which is sure to get your mouth watering. Steps made of gingerbread lead up towards a house, outside which you can find a box giving away gingerbread choco mugs.

From the Christmas tree near the landing point, a path leads south past Santa's sleigh and some reindeer to reach a carousel and a hot cocoa cups ride in the snow. This is a perfect place for couples or friends to enjoy some fun time together.

Crossing an icy stream towards the south over a bridge made of bones, we reach a snowy winter house, outside which you can find some gnomes and reindeer made of wood. The interiors of the house are cozy and provide a welcome relief from the icy coldness.

From here, one can proceed northwards through the sparkling tunnel made of Christmas lights to reach what I like to call "The Land of Snowmen". Snowmen and snowwomen of all shapes and sizes can be found here. All of them are also engaged in different activities. Some of them like the snowwoman chasing the snowman with a rolling pin in her hand and the drunk snowman peeing in the bushes bring a touch of humor to the build.

Zombie snowmen, a fierce Kraken and many other elements can be found in the build. The number is simply too big to be covered in this article. One of the hidden treasures can be discovered by walking through a mirror after which you will end up on a platform with a three-headed dragon.

Perfect for photography, amazing for exploration and incredibly romantic for a date with your special someone, 0utland Christmas is definitely a region that needs to be on your list to visit this Holiday season.



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