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A Brand New Weekly HUD for Art Exhibitions!

Art Korner presents the first edition of its weekly Art Exhibits HUD with one touch teleports to all the exhibitions which have opened on the grid within the past week.

Do you find it tedious to sift through various groups to find art exhibitions on the grid? Do you often misplace Landmarks and are unable to find them easily in your inventory? Or do you struggle to keep track of the various exhibitions happening inworld?

Well, here’s a solution for you!

We have designed the Art Korner Exhibits HUD using the Teleporting HUD by Fred Allandale which provides a simple way for you to visit the various art exhibitions happening inworld. This is a weekly HUD, which means that a new edition will be out every Monday and will contain all the exhibits which have opened across the grid within the past week (Sunday – Saturday).

The HUD also contains a FEATURED Exhibition every week which will appear with a special tag saying “FEATURED” and will be the first exhibition icon on the HUD.

How does this HUD work?

Using this HUD is a really simple process. You can find step-by-step instructions in this article. Apart from that, the HELP button on the HUD will also give you a Notecard, explaining how you can use the HUD.

  1. Add the Art Korner Exhibits HUD. By default, it will attach itself to the bottom of the screen. Wait for the HUD to initialize.

  2. Use the RESIZE button to make the HUD larger of smaller, depending upon your reference. We suggest making it as large as can possibly fit the width of your screen as it will provide you with better readability.

  3. To move the HUD around on the screen, right-click it and select Edit. Then you can drag it around with the help of the colored arrows. The HUD will take the same position and size you last set it to when you add it again after detaching.

  4. Click on the left and right arrows to see more exhibitions.

  5. To teleport, click on the desired exhibition. The first time you teleport, you will be prompted to grant teleport permission. If you deny permission to teleport, you will be given the associated Landmark. Subsequent teleports won’t ask for permission. You will be teleported with one touch.

  6. You can minimize the HUD by touching the “Hide” button (visible when the HUD is maximized). You can maximize the HUD by touching the “Show” button (visible when the HUD is minimized).

  7. You can detach the HUD by touching the “Detach” button or right-clicking and selecting “Detach” from the pie menu.

For any difficulties you may face or any questions have, please do not hesitate to contact me (Frank Atisso) inworld. Please drop a Notecard if you find me offline since my IMs get capped sometimes.

We will be making a brand new HUD every Sunday with the exhibitions that opened in the preceding week (Sunday-Saturday) featuring in it.

The HUD displays 8 exhibitions at a time. Use the arrows to move to the next page.

How do you get the HUD?

The HUD is available free of cost. To receive the HUD every week, join our group by pasting the following URL in local chat : secondlife:///app/group/e0e5060f-202d-3080-050f-f93f79beb4b5/about

Joining our group will also keep you informed regarding some really interesting art exhibitions happening on the grid. We also send out notices regarding photo contests and other art and photography related events happening. You will also discover some incredible sims to explore.

Alternatively, you can also visit our inworld location to receive the Art Korner Exhibits HUD. Click HERE to visit us inworld.

Please understand that the list of exhibitions in the HUD may be incomplete. We do try our best to cover every possible exhibition, but in case you do not see your exhibition in there, we are extremely sorry.

If you wish your newly opened exhibition to be a part of our HUD, please send me (Frank Atisso) a Notecard with some essential details including Name of Exhibition, Artist Exhibiting, Name of Gallery and a Landmark before Saturday 11:59 pm SLT. It will not only make my job easier but also ensure that your exhibition gets a place on our HUD.

Get the Art Korner Exhibits HUD today and discover some great art on the grid!


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