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Abstractionism in Various Forms at The Janus Galleries

A visit to Sinful Retreat, in particular Janus Gallery I and II, introduces us to the incredible work of two abstractionists – Elo Constantine and Monroe Snook.

The Janus Galleries located at Sinful Retreat are one of the few places in the virtual world which support originality and creativity in all forms of art. It is always a pleasure to visit such places and take in the wide range of artwork one is able to view here.

This is our first visit to the Janus Gallery this year and we were greeted to some incredible work by two artists – Elo Constantine, whose works we were familiar with, and Monroe Snook, whose work we were pleased to discover, both delving deep into two different forms of abstractionism.

The Janus Gallery at Sinful Retreat

The Janus Gallery, standing tall and mighty at the heart of the Sinful Retreat region, housed the art of Elo Constantine (elodiecasa.dragovar), a French-Moroccan artist we encountered for the first time a few months back at La Maison d’Aneli. Elo has been drawing and painting since the age of nine and after moving to Morocco thirteen years ago, teaching and creating art in her studio.

Although the title of the show reads “L’Abstraction Doree“, the art exhibited here is both abstract and figurative in nature. The Eastern wing of the gallery features Elo’s vibrant, evocative abstract paintings while the Western wing is dedicated to largely figurative work.

L’Abstraction Doree” by Elo Constantine – The Janus Gallery

In her figurative work, Elo’s love for nature and animals can be seen very clearly as a large number of these depict horses, zebras, elephants as well as birds. Her portraits of members of certain tribes from Ethiopia reveal the large influence the beautiful continent of Africa has had on her work.

Elo’s abstracts, found in the eastern wing of the gallery inspires a viewer to make visual connections between the patterns in the painting and an idea which comes into their mind, based on a personal experience or background. For example, the very first painting on our left as we enter the wing makes us think – is what we are seeing a sunset over the ocean between two islands or is it the visual of a canal that we are navigating into? There really is no answer but if you find yourself asking these questions (like we did), the artist has already achieved their goal.

Snook Sneaks Back With This & That” by Monroe Snook – Janus Gallery II

Janus Gallery II, the second of the galleries on the Sinful Retreat region, has taken on a new look this time for the return of an artist whose art exhibitions were incredibly popular a long time ago in the world of Second Life. Yes, the artist is of course, Monroe Snook, another master of abstraction, and in particular, the Cubist artwork she excels at.

Whether she is painting evocative abstract landscapes or delving into cubism, which breaks a subject down only to reassemble it in an abstracted form, Snook’s ideas in each piece are incredibly creative and a stroll through the exhibit will easily make it clear why Snook’s exhibits were some of the most talked about ones back in the day.

Snook Sneaks Back With This & That” by Monroe Snook – Janus Gallery II

Some of Snook’s landscapes border on being realistic while others have been kept more abstract and prompt the users to interpret the scene for themselves. The other style of abstraction, which Snook excels at, and is almost a trademark of her work, is cubism, in which the artist prefers to depict the subject of the image from many different viewpoints, thus representing it in a greater context. If you love abstracts, Snook’s art is sure to draw you in and make you marvel at the pieces he has created.

A combined visit to Janus Gallery I and II is definitely worth the trip and one can appreciate the different forms of abstractionism seen in the work of both artists exhibiting here.


  1. The Janus Gallery – Sinful Retreat

  2. Janus Gallery II – Sinful Retreat

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