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An Abundance of Art at the SLEA Sky Galleries

Artists Chuck Clip, Mareea Farrasco, Kraven Klees and Carelyna are currently exhibiting their work at the SLEA Sky Galleries. Check out this amazing place!

The current round of the SLEA Sky Galleries has begun on October 8th with four incredible artists displaying their work here. The images presented by all four artists are strikingly different yet equally engaging.

The current round will continue all the way till November 30th after which the artists will rotate to make space for new exhibitions.

Here are some images of the current exhibitions here:

Chuck Clip - SLEA Sky Galleries

Mareea Farrasco - SLEA Sky Galleries

Kraven Klees - SLEA Sky Galleries

Carelyna - SLEA Sky Galleries

Visit the SLEA Sky galleries this week and be amazed by the incredible creativity demonstrated by some of the most talented artists in Second Life.



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