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AFRICA - Milena Carbone's Thought Provoking Exhibition

The second exhibition in The 5th Season trilogy by Milena Carbone is now open! It is full of enthralling stories, fascinating narratives and some beautiful artwork which will leave you amazed.

"Africa" is the name given by Milena Carbone to the second exhibition of her trilogy - The 5th Season. Visitors may have already visited the first part of the trilogy - "Blind" - which was displayed at La Maison d'Aneli a couple of months ago. The main hall of the Nitroglobus Gallery plays host to the second part of this series, one which is full of intricacies, layers and stories that will enthrall visitors.

The 5th Season is a trilogy that deals with the causes and consequences of climate change. Through stories, Milena beautifully draws the visitor in and leaves them a lasting impression in their minds and a message that lingers with you long after your visit.

While "Blind" questioned our representation of the world, the earth and the living through myths and legends, "Africa" takes a look at the African continent, which Milena terms as both amazing and crude. Africa is a paradise of biodiversity and also the cradle of humanity - the place where it all began. However, it has been subjected to innumerable hardships by outsiders, who slaughtered and looted it in cynical disdain of its inhabitants.

To analyze where and how it will all end, it is necessary to take a look at where it all started. Milena says, "Africa is what started it all by the grace of evolution, and will end by the rapacity of man."

Within the exhibition are two main stories - the story of Grace and that of Abel, an African man she meets in her house. There are thirteen images Milena has created for this exhibition, through which the stories unfold.

The first seven, displayed in one part of the gallery, tell us the story of Grace, an Ethiopian orphan who inherits the home of her father, whom she never knew. We follow her as she explores this house, ending up on a Biblical journey from creation to paradise.

The second part of the gallery tell the story of Abel, who travels through the destruction of the African continent, going through the collapse of humanity with climate change. He ends up being the last man on Earth and finally, digs his own burial ground in the African rainforest.

Each image within the exhibit takes the story further and visitors can click on the small note Milena has placed below every image to go to her WEBSITE and read each part of the story in depth, understanding the intricacies and unfolding the layers that come along with it.

The images represent a new style in which Milena has perfectly made combined use of MidJourney, Second Life and Photoshop to create art that feels completely hers and not simply generated by MidJourney's creativity using prompts. The backgrounds are all created using MidJourney while the characters in the stories are all from Second Life, both of which have finally been integrated using Photoshop.

Small scale replicas of African wildlife have been kept throughout the exhibition, each of which also tell short stories, printed on boxes, which enclose them as your avatar approaches close to each of them. It is for this reason that I highly recommend visitors to walk around this exhibition rather than simply camming as you might end up missing some things.

"Africa" by Milena Carbone is a hard-hitting exhibition that unfolds through the magnificent artwork and the beautiful stories created by the artist and will prompt you to reflect and think upon many things.

Please note that the exhibition can still be enjoyed equally well even if you missed visiting the first part at La Maison d'Aneli.



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