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ALONE by Mihailsk at Nitroglobus

Mihailsk is back at the Nitroglobus Gallery with another fascinating exhibition dealing with themes of sorrow and regret which you definitely need to visit.

Last year, Mihailsk began his journey into the art world of Second Life at the Nitroglobus Gallery through his first exhibition - "Baptism of Fire" - which was loved by all. From there, Mihailsk has evolved in many ways both as an artist and as a person.

Being a traveler by heart, Mihailsk sees himself as a passenger, observing and participating in all that Second Life offers. His images reflect this perfectly as most of them depict him as a traveler catching fleeting glimpses of the many beautiful things always coming up in this virtual world.

However, in Alone, Mihailsk has returned to the Nitroglobus Gallery to do something different again, creating art where he is no longer a passenger but the main subject and focus of each photograph.

Comprising of fourteen images, covering the walls of the Main Hall at the Nitroglobus Gallery, Alone is a glimpse into the artist's mind during a sad, lonely week in his life, which passed by recently.

In his introductory note for the exhibit, Mihailsk writes:

"There are moments in life when you feel like you are losing everything; the laughter, the joy, in short the color disappears from your life. You are ALONE, nude, mourning about what you lost. You have to find the strength to stand on your own feet again and find the light in the darkness that surrounds you."

The pain, sorrow and loneliness of the heart is clearly visible in Mihailsk's images. As the color disappeared from his life, it is not surprising that the artist chose the medium of black and white to further emphasize the darkness in his life and also perhaps because in the moment, everything seemed bleak and miserable.

Each of us, at some point, has felt this emotion - the deep sadness and regret that makes us think all is lost. And then, one often sits alone staring into blank space, thinking things over and over, trying to process what has happened, reliving the memories that sting like a pin as the tears start streaming from our eyes.

"Alone" is a representation of this sorrow through SL photography. Mihailsk's images are beautifully complemented by Adwehe's light spheres and Nitro's sculptures to create an exhibition which is rich in emotions and is a delight to visit.



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