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AmandaT Tamatzui - Turning Her 2D Art into a 3D Wonderland

Enter the second phase of artist AmandaT Tamatzui's SLEA project of turning her 2D physical world paintings into an immersive 3D wonderland using the limitless opportunities of the virtual world.

Many artists who work in the physical world use Second Life as a medium to further the reach of their art. Artist AmandaT Tamatzui (Amanda Tomasoa in RL) lives in New Zealand and is one of the most incredible and vibrant abstract artists to exhibit their work in the virtual world.

In her SLEA project, she has taken her work to the next level by using her paintings as the basis for creating a complete 3D world which visitors can completely immerse in. In this endeavor she has been assisted by 3Dee, a mesh creator who has created many models for this project.

ATG World Phase II, SLEA Region 1

Phase One of this project focused on Amanda's paintings which were centered around Bali, going back to her past in Indonesia. A Kedai Kopi (coffee house), a mountain pass, some lookout points and a world of vibrant colors from Amanda's work awaits visitors on the ground level of this installation.

Now, Phase Two of this project has opened and takes the immersivity and the heart of the project even further. This part is set in three separate skyboxes high above Phase One of ATG World, which occupies the ground. Amanda, in Phase Two, focuses on some of her most popular and well-loved artworks - Angels at Play, the Jumping for Joy series and A Love Song.

A Love Song - ATG World Phase II, SLEA Region 1

For each of these, she has created a separate skybox which visitors can visit using a Teleporter board, which takes them to the various locations. "Angels at Play" is like a fantasy world bathed in shades of purple. Many elements from the original painting (which forms the wall here) can be seen around the space, giving us the feeling of being in the painting itself.

"A Love Song" is much more romantic and dreamy, using pastel pink and blues to further enhance the atmosphere. A grand piano occupies the center of stage here and a pile of books nearby allows visitors to actually pose just like the painting and recreate the image in Second Life.

Jumping for Joy - ATG World Phase II, SLEA Region 1

The "Jumping for Joy" series has seen some of the most cheerful and happy set of paintings from Amanda's life. On the third platform in Phase II of her SLEA art project, Amanda has created a landscape with mountains textured with her paintings and even a trampoline that allows visitors to "jump for joy" themselves.

Amanda's art project combines elements from the real and virtual worlds to create something incredible and which will fill the hearts of visitors with happiness and joy much like her paintings.



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