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Angel’s Nest : A Vibrant Gallery in the Desert

Explore a brand new gallery that currently exhibits the works of three extremely talented artists and is an exciting addition to the art scene.

Angel’s Nest Art Gallery opens its doors today and we are very excited about it. Created to showcase the creations of artists in the virtual space, this gallery has a unique location. It is housed in a colorful well-designed building which is surrounded by a desert stretching for miles in every direction.

For its opening round, Angel’s Nest Art Gallery showcases the works of three outstanding artists who each have their own characteristic style. The exhibits are spread over two levels of the gallery. You can move between the levels by clicking on the elevators that double up as teleporters.

The Powerful Visuals of Emeline Laks

Telling a story, even a simple one, through pictures is an art that is not easy to practice. It is often said that a good picture is worth a thousand words and this can be easily seen in all of Emeline’s images. She incorporates stories into her art beautifully. A visitor can gain a deeper insight into her works by simply clicking each individual work of art. Perhaps the most remarkable part about Emeline’s breathtaking visuals is that all of them are unedited, raw images straight from Black Dragon. Knowing this fact, one can truly appreciate the amount of effort that has gone into each work of art exhibited here.

Modern-Day Classics of Ella Pavlona

Ella Pavlona’s art can be described by three qualities – dreamlike compositions, vibrant colors and the subtle play of light and shadows. Looking at her works, it is immediately clear why her artworks are described as “modern-day classics”. Drawing her inspiration from early impressionists, Ella uses light and color in a highly effective way to evoke different moods and emotions in the viewers’ mind.

Dark Emotional Art by Alias Ayashi

Alias Ayashi’s subjects are often not the most pleasant ones. But to take something dark and ugly and show astonishing beauty within that darkness is an art she has mastered. Each of her remarkable portraits tell a story that will make you feel the emotions she wants you to feel, almost as if she is whispering in your ear what she felt while taking the picture. The art grows on you and transports you to a world of its own where the line between the good and the bad, the light and the dark, the beautiful and the ugly is sketchy and blurred.

Curated by Looker Lumet and Seb, who are both amazing artists themselves, Angel’s Nest Art Gallery will surely be a refreshing new addition to the world of SL Art. We hope to see more exciting exhibitions like this one every month here.

Angel’s Nest Art Gallery will open its doors at 1 pm SLT on May 7th followed by a Live Performance by Khiron Ametza.

Click HERE to visit Angel’s Nest Art Gallery inworld.

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