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Anja’s Surrealism at Nitroglobus

The vibrant colors and a touch of magic that Anja applies in her works are what appeal to the viewer in this stunning exhibition at the Nitroglobus Roof Gallery.

An old light bulb, pierced by a needle, lies on the ground. It is filled with water, creating a small lake of sorts. However, the water feels significantly more turbulent, like the rough waters of a sea during a storm. The swells and crests of the enormous waves can be seen on its surface. And in this small lake created within a lightbulb swims a gigantic whale. Such bizarre scenes and thought-provoking analogies form the basis of this outstanding exhibition at the Nitroglobus Gallery by Anja Neobookie.

Anja’s work can be a source of inspiration for anyone taking their first steps into the marvelous world of art and photography in SL. She started clicking pictures only in January 2020 of last year. Watching others and learning from them, she has created some really beautiful artworks which will leave you stunned. Her FLICKR page is filled with some of the most fascinating surrealist works you will lay your eyes on. And it is due to her Flickr page that she ended up getting her first ever opportunity to exhibit inworld at La Maison d’Aneli in February 2021.

Anja’s Surrealism – Nitroglobus Gallery

Surrealism is a movement of art that has been around for about a hundred years for now. It was born as a reaction to the First World War, after which many prominent artists believed that too much rational thought was what got us into the war in the first place. This eventually led to them creating artworks which defied rational thoughts and realism, instead focusing on creating an element of surprise and wonder in the minds of viewers by putting together an unusual mix of things to create a really beautiful, thought-provoking image.

Since then, many surrealists like Dali, Magritte and Chirico have used their imagination and creativity to produce countless other art works which appeal to the viewer in various ways. Each of them has crafted their own unique style within this fascinating branch of art. It really amazes me how Anja has managed to discover her own style and create such breathtaking images in a short time span of just over a year.

Vibrant colors and a touch of magic is what makes Anja’s surrealism her own. Anja was inspired by the works of several Dutch artists, most notably Evert Thielen and Dali. In this exhibit, we can see the beautiful manner in which she has learnt from the works of these greats and created art in her own style by applying those learnings.

Anja’s Surrealism – Nitroglobus Gallery

Anja associates a story with each work she creates. For example, “They all left the playfield” is a personal work which Anja developed to project her thoughts on canvas about the slightly negative political situation at the place where she stays in RL. Her story, thoughts and feelings might be different from the one you develop in your mind as you look at each artwork. But then isn’t this the beauty of art? The fact that each viewer is able to associate Anja’s artwork with situations in his or her life and can derive meaningful analogies so varied and different from each other.

This is just the beginning of Anja’s journey, but I have a feeling that we will definitely be seeing more works from her not just at Nitroglobus but at many other galleries on the grid.

Click HERE to visit Anja’s Surrealism at the Nitroglobus Roof Gallery. The exhibit will be open till the end of June.

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