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Art for a Cause at Hopefest Creative Community

Free gifts, exciting discounts, amazing art displays, awe-inspiring sculptures, open mic poetry, theatre and much more at the Hopefest Creativity Community region!

The RFL Hopefest is a new initiative by the team that is structured as a collaborative effort between various communities to rally for a common cause – the fight against cancer. This year of the Hopefest sees participation from four different communities – the Creative community, the Medieval community, the Diversity community and the Bellisseria community.

The Hopefest Creative Community region has several interesting areas which visitors can explore such as:

  1. The Outdoor Theatre

  2. Dancing Area

  3. Sculpture Park

  4. Walk of Art

  5. The Market

  6. Art House

Apart from this, there are many hidden nooks and crannies to discover, as well as spots to hang out with your friends or partner.

You can find your way around the region on foot or by using the very convenient teleport directory panels located around the region.

Art Sales

The Hopefest Creative Community region has three areas – the Sculpture Park (created by Artemis Greece), the Walk of Art and the Art House – where artwork from some of the most incredible artists on the grid can be purchased for L$99 ONLY!

These art works will not be available inworld after the Hopefest, so this is your last opportunity to buy these amazing pieces!

  1. Sculpture Park – Hopefest Creativity Community

  2. Walk of Art – Hopefest Creativity Community

  3. Art House – Hopefest Creativity Community

Stores at The Market

At the Hopefest Creativity Community market, you will find a number of pose creators, studio creators and HUD creators displaying their products, where you can buy these items for some EXCITING DISCOUNTS, with all proceeds going to charity.

  1. The Market – Hopefest Creativity Community

Exciting Events

Poetry, Theatre, Music and many other events lined up during the Hopefest from June 9th to 11th at the Creative Community Region.

One of the highlights of the Fest is the performance of “Habana Fiesta!” by the reputed group Theatre on the Hill! Catch them LIVE at the Outdoor Theatre on June 11th at 1 pm SLT!

Do take a look at the schedule here:

Click HERE to visit the Hopefest Creative Community Region between June 9th to 13th and support the fight against cancer.



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