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Art from the Physical World at ArtCare Gallery

A trio of fascinating artists exhibits at the ArtCare Gallery this week. Explore the vibrant, stunning art of Kayly Iali, Kirle Adamski and April-Louise Turner!

While Second Life is itself a creative medium which can be used to create some truly stunning pieces of art, as we have seen in numerous exhibitions, it is also a place where artists from the physical world can share their art with an audience that extends beyond their city, province or even their nation. The virtual world of Second life brings people closer together and gives us the ability to witness the creativity of someone living in a completely different part of the globe – something which could never be achieved in the physical world.

The ArtCare Gallery, curated and owned by Carelyna, currently houses the work of three accomplished artists – April-Louise Turner, Kayly Iali and Kirle Adamski – who have brought their art from the physical world into Second Life. An additional perk in Second Life is that the large format displays which are visually stunning (and pretty much impossible to do in the physical world) are easily possible in the virtual world we inhabit.

Kayly Iali – ArtCare Gallery

In this exhibition, we can see that all three artists have made effective use of this opportunity by displaying their works in large format (something which brings out the details in the image and also has a much larger impact on any visitor). The exhibit is laid out in a single large room, divided into roughly three equal parts by partitioning walls. Artist Kayly Iali occupies the area between the partitioning walls (the center) while April and Kirle take up the flanks.

The range of different styles one can see within this exhibition is rather interesting. While all three artists use a vibrant color palette for their work, their styles are completely different. Kayly Iali, mainly working in oils and watercolors, displays some wonderful still life paintings using mostly fruits as subjects in her work. Simple objects like a cut lemon, an orange, a few pears resting on the table achieve a rather astounding effect through Kayly’s masterful brushstrokes and intricate depiction of light and shadow – something that is extremely important while working in the genre of still life, be it paintings or photography.

However, in another part of the display, we also see Kayly’s abstract works, which are characterized by her smooth flowing brush strokes. The larger wall is dominated by Orchestra, an oil painting that features a cool blue wash with brush strokes in warmer shades of yellow and orange, providing contrast and dynamic in the painting. The way these colors merge, blend and flow into each other is something that will simply leave you amazed. This painting is flanked by abstracts on either side, which are in fiery red shades, but equally engaging.

Kirle Adamski – ArtCare Gallery

For visitors who love abstracts, Kirle Adamski’s display at ArtCare is akin to paradise. Kirle is a self-taught Danish painter who has had no formal training, but found her technique through years of experimentation with colors and a brush. Being an intuitive painter, Kirle’s paintings reflect simple moments in life that become even more beautiful due to her artistic imagination. It is said that every painting contains a bit of the artist themselves and this can be seen in Kirle’s work. Whether she is painting tulips in a field or a crackling fire, each subject undergoes a transformation and comes on to canvas as an abstract that reflects the emotions and feelings Kirle felt at the moment.

The third artist in this exhibition – Agleo Runningbear (April-Louise Turner in RL) – is a German painter living in Bavaria, who uses a technique completely different from the other two. As the base for her images, April uses a holographic paper, which has a rather distinctive iridescent sheen where the design which has been embossed into it can be seen at certain angles, so that from different perspectives, different parts appear in various colors, thus achieving a rainbow effect on the design. April’s subjects range from insects like a pretty red ladybird to a full blown menacing panther, while some of the smaller pieces also reach into the genre of abstraction.

Agleo Runningbear (April-Louise Turner) – ArtCare Gallery

Kayly Iali and April-Louise Turner (Agleo Runningbear in SL) also offer SL commissions; so if you want your pet, your house or a piece of furniture painted, don’t hesitate to contact them at all. You will find contact details of each artist in their biographies, which can be obtained at the exhibition.

This trio of artists at the ArtCare Gallery is something art lovers will definitely enjoy visiting. A walk around this exhibition marveling at the creativity on display is something that should definitely be on your list.


  1. ArtCare Gallery – Nagano Valley

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