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Art Gallery Experience - An Evolving Art Space in Second Life

Explore this newly constructed space, featuring the works of five amazing artists, which will change over time, thus allowing regular visitors to view new works during each visit.

Most of the art exhibitions in Second Life stay static once they have been installed in the exhibition space for a set period of a month or so. "Art Gallery Experience" is a new project by Rafael Royce and Debora Kaz that comprises of small art spaces which will be in motion and subject to continuous change.

Along with Rafael Royce and Debora Kaz themselves, artists Adwehe, Lizbeth Morningstar and Noir Tater are also a part of this art project. Since the works and the spaces themselves will continuously change, people who visit regularly will be able to always find some new works here.

From an entrance with a sleek, modern design, a black arrow on the ground points us in the right direction to the first room in this project. The wireframe art of Debora Kaz, which we all admire, adorns the walls of this room, with the room itself designed to have a wireframe structure by itself.

The rooms of the exhibition aren't completely distinct from one another and blend in quite well, so that from one room you are also able to see a few other rooms.

Compared to Debora's grayscale photography, the works of Adwehe and Lizbeth Morningstar are extremely colorful. Lizbeth's cheerful photography introduces colors which are bright but at the same time extremely soothing and peaceful. Adwehe has always been attracted to using quirky perspectives and incredible lighting in the art she creates. Once again, she delights us with images which are vibrant in color and are sometimes deliberately out of focus to create a wonderful effect.

Rafael Royce is a master of the black and white, as we have already seen in his exhibition "Look Black and White" at The Eye Arts. The work he exhibits in his room here once again takes us closer to nature, using the composition and lighting to his advantage.

Noir Tater is the only artist in this set whose works are completely new to me. His portraits are anything but conventional. His use of shadows, lighting and composition to create works which are compelling is outstanding and praise-worthy.

Noir's is the last room in the exhibition and from here, one returns back to the lobby. "Art Gallery Experience" is a small but interesting art project and we look forward to seeing what directions this space takes in the time to come.



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