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Art Korner Recommends - Aurelias Rainy Cafe

The gentle patter of raindrops, a steaming hot cup of coffee and the beauty of nature all around - a delightful experience at Aurelias Rainy Cafe!

There is something surreal and dreamy about the patter of rain against the window or on a pavement. The rains bring nature to life and awaken the creative side within each of us. It takes you in an introspective mood and compels you to look within yourself and thus, grow.

Reading our favorite book while huddled under a blanket with a cup of coffee nearby as the rain batters the window has always been something we look forward to doing on a rainy weekend in the physical world.

Aurelias Rainy Cafe allows you to do all this within Second Life as well. Whether it is a cup of coffee, some beautiful poetry, friends to keep you company or the peaceful silences that you crave for, it is all available at this beautiful little coffee house, that is a great place to hang out with your friends or to make new ones.

Rather than a closed, confined space, sim designer Sparkle (sparkely.sugar) has decided to create an open space that feels much more at one with nature. There are places to sit, relax and also cuddle with your partner.

Aurelias Rainy Cafe also takes away the gloominess of rainfall to give the place a very cheery vibe, that really works well. Apart from the main cafe building, there are paths which lead out to some other beautiful places as well.

Crossing a small stream one can reach a picnic table set under a majestic tree, which can form the perfect setting for a romantic date. Moving further ahead, one reaches a beautiful square with some beaches and a beautiful fountain forming its centerpiece. Some really pretty houses and cabins can be seen up a small hill beyond it.

Coffee is a recurring theme throughout this region and there can be coffee found at many places, including outside a small vintage toy shop.

There are so many paths to explore at Aurelias that it is possible you may get lost, but isn't that the point, after all? New paths lead to new discoveries and hidden places. That is the beauty of exploration and it is what avid travelers of Second Life crave for.

For photographers, this place is a wonderland where they can shoot beautiful landscapes, avail tons of great natural backdrops for their photographs and also click some beautiful couple photos, using the animations available in the props within the region.

Aurelias Rainy Cafe is a place we strongly recommend you to visit this week. Go with your friends, with your partner or just by yourself to relax and enjoy the beauty of the destination.



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