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Art Korner Recommends - Bella's Lullaby

Bella's Lullaby is a place with many photogenic spots, where you can wander among flowers and animals and find your inner peace.

For those who love nature, Bella's Lullaby deserves to be at the top of their list. Owner and designer Bella (bellaswan.blackheart) has created a tranquil region where time stands still and visitors can immerse themselves in the sounds of nature.

Beaches, serene lagoons, campsites, picnic tables and boardwalks through the forest can be found here at Bella's Lullaby.

Covering an entire Homestead Region, this build is paradise for photographers. While the default EEP settings on the region already give some amazing pictures, one can also opt to play with the EEP settings a bit to create some great effects.

Rezzing is not possible on the region; however, Bella's Lullaby is still an amazing place to capture some incredible landscape shots, to hang out with your friends, a date with your lover or simply relax in one of the many armchairs spread out all over.



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