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Art Korner Recommends - Borgo a Mare

Look out from the terraces of Mare Secundus, play chess with your friends near the cafe, listen to good music as you relax at the beach or simply enjoy exploring the streets framed by lemon trees at Borgo a Mare.

The word "borgo" translates to a village in English; and that is exactly what Borgo a Mare is designed to be - a beautiful village from Southern Italy with a peaceful, friendly, romantic atmosphere that makes it a perfect place for pretty much anyone to enjoy at.

Unlike many of the places we have previously featured on the blog, Borgo a Mare does not encompass a whole region. Covering an area of just about 5500 sqm, this beautiful village, located at the edge of a region, offers many activities and spots for visitors to see and experience.

Borgo a Mare is not located on a flat surface; this village is located on a hill, which slopes down towards the sea, where a bustling harbor can be seen. On another side, a path descends down to a small beach, where a few chairs offer space to sit in solitude, while enjoying the beautiful sea.

One of the issues I personally had with Borgo a Mare was the EEP setting used for the land here. It was too dark for me but upon switching to a lighter, sunny EEP setting, the village appeared absolutely stunning.

The presence of flowers, orange roofs and lemon trees all around the village is very noticeable. It all combines to create an authentic Italian look, from perhaps Tuscany. I may have erred here as my knowledge of the physical world region is very limited.

You can wander into the main town, go on a date in the cafe, have a fine dining experience in the restaurant or simply play chess with your buddies or partner at one of the tables nearby. There is also a motorboat available for rent at no extra cost on the harbor.

Whether you are a photographer, an explorer or a romantic, Borgo a Mare will leave you amazed by its old-world charm and scenic location.



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