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Art Korner Recommends - Critter Celebrations at Leloo's World

Explore this forested land, host to a number of different creatures that make our world a decidedly more beautiful place.

Leloo's World is a place that transforms itself from time to time to come forward in a different, unique form each time. Designed and owned by LeLoo (lelooulf), the Critter Celebrations at Leloo's World is a beautiful addition to the already vast number of builds that have been constructed under this banner.

Located on a platform high above the ground at an elevation of roughly 3550 m, this is the place to be for all lovers of nature, animals and woodlands.

The summer season is now upon us and with its onset, also emerge many, many creatures of different sizes, shapes, colors. From colorful butterflies that fly around sucking on the nectar of the blooming flowers to the bears that are on the move, foraging through the grass and playing with their cubs - the Critter Celebrations at Leloo's World are a rightful tribute to the vast variety of creatures which lives and breathes on this planet.

Visitors are given a Critter Info HUD upon arrival here and one needs to ADD it to fully enjoy the experience. The HUD gives snippets of information on the different animals, some of which can be found out here at Leloo's World.

The Critter Celebrations at Leloo's World are a beautiful way of celebrating nature in the virtual world along with being an extremely photogenic and visually engaging build.



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