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Art Korner Recommends - Ojuela

Take a scenic journey in Second Life through one of Mexico's many ghost towns with an abandoned mine, which had to be closed due to flooding almost hundred years back.

Sim designer Serene Footman's creations are often based on places which are very real with an identity of their own in the physical world. So is the case with Ojuela, a mining settlement in Mexico which eventually became a ghost town after it was abandoned due to flooding in 1927.

This time Serene is joined in the region design by Jade Koltai, with whom he has collaborated on several builds in the past, the last one being North Brother Island in 2019.

One of the most iconic landmarks of Ojuela is, of course, the "Puente de Ojuela", a long suspension bridge for pedestrians used to cross the rather deep and treacherous gorge. Even within the limits of a homestead region in Second Life, Serene and Jade have managed to perfectly capture the beauty of this spectacular location, staying true to its essence and even incorporating some local wildlife in the build.

More Information about Ojuela

  • Region Name: Overland Hills (Moderate)

  • Region Type: Homestead Region

  • Sim Designers: Serene Footman and Jade Koltai

  • Rezzing Rights: Not Available

  • Flickr Group: You can share your images captured within this region in the Ojuela FLICKR Group

We hope you enjoy your journey through this extremely beautiful region and take lots of photographs to capture your memories!



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