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Artists for Life : Exclusive Art Sales for a Great Cause

View art works from some of your most favorite artists and purchase them for prices as low as L$99 to support the fight against cancer at Raven Crag Art Center.

Would you believe me if I told you that the artworks of some of the most incredible, creative artists in SL are available for sale for as low as L$99?! No, right?

Nevertheless, it’s true!

Raven Crag Art Center is hosting an event by the name of “Artists for Life” from 10th to 24th April. Visitors to the Center during this period will have an opportunity to view and buy the works of several amazing artists and photographers for as low as L$99.

AriaRose, an artist with a passion for Second Life landscapes, offers some beautiful works which will speak to your heart while simultaneously pleasing your eyes

The amazing works of Elise Sirnah, creator of the photographers’ paradise Mimmo, will capture your fascination

“Artists for Life” is a remarkable show of unity from the Art community to help support the fight against cancer as all proceeds from this exclusive sale of artworks will be going to the American Cancer Society, which helps sponsor research towards a cure against this disease that claims the lives of millions worldwide each year.

Eve Petlyakov, an active member of the Wythburn Art Community who has worked as a photographer for several magazines in the past, presents some fascinating artwork at Artists for Life

Hermes Kondor, a reputed RL photographer and curator and owner of the Kondor Art Center in SL, puts on a stunning display of digital art.

Star Finesmith, the Art Director at Raven Crag Art Center, tells me that the idea for Artists for Life grew out of the Art Walk, which was conducted last year.

“The Art Walk was a more casual, informal event with art along the path all across the region. This year, I wanted to make sure that the fundraising was based on the art. I spoke with some of the artists from last year about how they would feel about creating art that would only be available for sale at this event. I received a lot of positive feedback, so I decided to give it a try this year.”

Also an artist in the physical world, Jolie stuns us with her works of virtual art which are equally engaging and refreshing

The landscapes of Looker Lumet have received praise in various galleries all over the grid and this time will be no exception!

Sethos Lionheart, the owner of Raven Crag Art Center, has also been instrumental in organizing this remarkable event. He has meticulously designed the entire exhibition, with each room in the gallery featuring a different theme.

Lyla Blaylock captures her thoughts, feelings and the world around her in this set of incredible photographs.

The art of Marie de la Torre is full of emotion and will definitely touch your heart

Star tells me that the response she received from the artists was incredible and happily overwhelmed her. Today, as a result of the Raven Crag Team’s dedication and the amazing talent and hard work of 18 artists, we have an exciting new event in the Art community!

Max Seagate will leave you fascinated by his experiments with light, shadows and emotions

Michiel Bechir shares the richness of various regions around SL with us in this beautiful set of works.

Apart from the exhibition, each artist will also be putting up one work of art for auction during the Artists for Life event to raise funds for the American Cancer Society. This will be conducted as a silent auction, which will start at 10 am on April 10th and continue till 12 pm on April 24th. The bidder who bids the highest for any work of art will receive a Copy, No-Mod, No-Transfer version of that art work which will also be equipped with a resizer script to change the size.

The art of Mira Biedermann is captivating, full of emotions and engages your mind.

Mony Pedroia, owner and creator of Tribal Tuesdays, makes a beautiful statement with her pictures which project reality extremely well

The Art Auction at Artists for Life is a really unique event and presents a rare opportunity for connoisseurs and patrons of art to get an exclusive, one-of-a-kind piece of art from some of the best artists on the grid.

The incredible works of Mystic Audion are not just aesthetically pleasing but also tell a story

Pink Clarity, a cancer survivor herself, brings images of hope and positivity to the exhibition

Star Finesmith tells me that she received a lot of help and support from many others in the art community while planning for this event.

“I would not want to do this without the help of Pink Clarity, Eve Petlyakov and Max Seagate. All of them help me so much in their own ways”, she says. “And of course this event would not exist without the love, passion and hard work of all the artists who are in the exhibit.”

Poppy, an artist who was inspired by the creativity of SL, offers a set of beautiful photographs to support this great cause

The creativity of Shane Matthews can be seen in the delightful pictures he displays at Artists for Life

The efforts of Sethos Lionheart and Star Finesmith in planning, organization and management are really commendable. Thanks to them, today, Artists for Life is an incredible event with such enormous participation from the art community. It has grown from a casual sidewalk display to an event that will definitely serve as an effective fundraiser to fight cancer.

Artist Starr Ghost offers some really engaging portraits for display

Art Director of Raven Crag, Star Finesmith, also offers a beautiful landscape for sale during the event

The Artists for Life Event opens at 10 am on Saturday, April 10th with a conversation with some of the artists participating in the grand exhibition. This will be followed by some relaxed dancing and viewing of the artworks with music by DJ Filo Tani. Formal attire is requested during the event.

All the incredible works of art I have shown in the pictures above are for sale ONLY during the Artists for Life Event at the Raven Crag Art Center for as low as L$99. I guess the only question in everyone’s mind should be, “How fast can I get there?!?!?!

Click HERE to visit the Artists for Life Event at Raven Crag Art Center inworld

One can browse through the artworks once the exhibition begins on the Raven Crag Art Center FLICKR page

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