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ARTSVILLE Gallery#2 Exhibit Opening - "Just a Little" by Hayley Dixon

Art Korner and ValiumSL cordially invite you to join us at our upcoming new destination, ARTSVILLE, for the opening of a new exhibition by Hayley Dixon.

Join us on Saturday, June 25th at 1 pm SLT in the Artsville Galleries as Hayley Dixon's exhibition - "Just a Little" - is unveiled for the very first time in Gallery#2.

In Hayley's own words:

"I'm always amazed by how adding 'Just A Little' light or color to a picture can completely transform it into something magical. What if we could do that to the picture of our own lives? Add "Just A Little" light or color to the dark spots and create our own beautiful, magical existence... hey, a girl can dream, just a little"

With DJ Faye Hexem spinning the perfect tunes to create some wonderful vibes this incredible evening admiring the art of Hayley Dixon, this is one party you do not want to miss!

As icing on top of the cake, we also have Group Gifts for the inworld [ v a l i u m ] group by .::THOR::., DaD and No59!

We hope to see you at the party!



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