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ARTSVILLE Gallery#3 Exhibit Opening - "When You Open a Door" by Scylla Rhiadra

Art Korner and ValiumSL are very excited to present a fascinating exhibition by Scylla Rhiadra, opening at our new destination, ARTSVILLE, on Sunday, June 26th at 1 pm SLT! Hope to see you all there!

Join us on Sunday, June 26th at 1 pm SLT in the Artsville Galleries as Scylla Rhiadra's incredible exhibition - "When You Open a Door" - is displayed in Gallery#3 for the very first time.

An Introduction to the Exhibit (in Scylla's own words):

"Do you think about doors?

You should think about doors.

Because we live mostly in small boxes that are where we do things, and that define us.

Because in some of these boxes we are cooks, or we make money, or we are asleep, or we are entertained, or we are fed. In this box I am a laundress, and in this box a coffee drinker, and in this one, a lover.

Doors change all that. Doors transform us. We do new and different things, and become new and different people because of doors.

Doors are magic.

Doors are scary.

They let things in.

Never sit with your back to a door.

Doors are choices. This door, or that door? Or no door at all?

Think carefully before opening a door. You never know what it will do.

Doors are machines. They have moving parts and make things happen when we use them. They are proof that we are civilized beings. (My cat hates doors.)

You should practice how to use them properly.

When you are born, you leave through a door for the first time, and become who you are.

When you die, you will go through your last door, and not be anyone anymore.

Some doors are people. You couldn’t hug, or kiss, or dance with someone, or make love

without doors.

So if you are lonely, open a door. The more doors you get to know, the happier you will be.

Doors get in your way. The best door is one that is open, because a closed door will stop you.

When you open a door, it’s no longer in your way. You can move.

You need to move.

If you don’t move, you become furniture.

And furniture is dead.

So think about it.

And open doors."

As Bsukmet and Fly Kugin perform at the Artsville Galleries to create a beautiful musical atmosphere this incredible evening, you can stroll around admiring the art of Scylla Rhiadra and dancing to your favorite tunes, making this an unforgettable evening of art and music!

As icing on top of the cake, we also have Group Gifts for the inworld [ v a l i u m ] group by .::THOR::., DaD and No59!

We hope to see you at the party!



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