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Awesome Fallen : A Double Treat of Exhibitions

Her work is rich in emotions, intricately layered and open to the viewers’ interpretations. Discover the art of Awesome Fallen through these two engaging exhibitions!

The work of artist Awesome Fallen has always left me completely amazed ever since my first introduction to it earlier this year at her exhibition – “Ordinary Angels” at the Dixmix Gallery. Awesome definitely ranks among some of the greatest artists in SL who use only the virtual world as a medium for their work. Each of her images forms a deep connect with viewers and is able to stir a mixture of different emotions in them.

In her interview taken by Violet Boa for the Virtuality Blog (read the interview HERE), Awesome says that to her, art is the ability to connect with others’ emotions. An image becomes art only when it is able to rouse feelings and emotions within viewers. This intimate connection between the artist and the viewer is what makes the work of art special.

Within the past month, Awesome graced us with two exhibitions, each of which, while exploring different themes, are powerful enough to prompt you to think deeply on each image and draw your own interpretations from each of them.

In There” by Awesome Fallen – Dixmix Gallery

The first of these exhibits – “In There” by Awesome Fallen – is housed in the Abby room of the Dixmix Gallery. This series of works is an extension of one of the images she had presented in her exhibit at GenovArt. Titled “Fairy Tales“, this piece can now be seen on Awesome’s FLICKR page, which is one of the most engaging feeds I have seen to date.

The interesting point about this exhibition is that while the same pair of hands, perhaps belonging to a nurse, can be seen in many of the images, they are only used as a mechanism to frame or direct the viewer’s gaze to the real subject of the image. The subjects take up a wide range – a swarm of butterflies, a couple of fish in a plastic bag, a red rose and a set of dolls among others.

In There” by Awesome Fallen – Dixmix Gallery

One of the most incredible things about Awesome’s work is that the viewer feels a sense of uneasiness and sadness while taking in the images, but is unable to pinpoint the source of this feeling. The interior of the Abby room at the Dixmix Gallery, made even darker for this exhibition, enhances the viewing experience tremendously.

While many of the images use the nurse’s hands as a framing mechanism, others use a shattered picture frame to highlight the subjects. In one of them it is an astronaut standing against an industrial backdrop while in another, the image is of a homeless boy holding a feather in his hands against a grungy urban backdrop.

In There” is an engaging visit for any art lover and will be surely one of the most incredible exhibits you will come across on the grid. The depth of feeling and emotion in Awesome Fallen’s work is something one needs to experience for themselves.

Awesome Fallen Exhibition – La Maison d’Aneli

The second exhibition, which opened only last week, is one among many at La Maison d’Aneli, one of the most unique art galleries on the grid, a visit to which, is like a journey through various forms of art as Aneli often combines 2D art with 3D installations to ensure an engaging mix of exhibits.

The exhibition here uses a single backdrop in all the images, one which Awesome has used in some of her previous works as well. In the images presented here, she places various characters in this room without a view and evokes different emotions through the reaction of each subject to their particular situation. In addition to this, Awesome has also made the floor reflective in each case using some post processing, as reflections of objects do not exist in SL.

In her images which form a part of this display, the various characters can be seen reacting to the same situation in different ways. The heavy man who is stark naked tries to get out of the situation by using his strength, the girl in red dress looks another way, choosing to neglect the severity of the problem, while the girl in the pink sweater takes comfort in hugging a teddy bear. A quick look through these images highlights the individuality of each human being and the diversity in how every one of us reacts differently to any situation.

Awesome Fallen Exhibition – La Maison d’Aneli

The exhibition made me think about an article I had recently come across which argued that the traditional Fight-Flight-Freeze model of responses might not be valid in today’s day and age, the response being that the model dates back to an era before civilization, when humans used to routinely wander into the jungle, where the penalty for failure in a Fight situation was often death. In today’s times, the penalty is much less severe and thus each one of us needs to think consciously about changing the model in our own heads and not be afraid to fight as much as we are.

While you are visiting Awesome’s exhibition at La Maison d’Aneli, consider also seeing some other interesting exhibits here by using the Teleporter found in the exhibit space. The installation by Adwehe and the fascinating exhibit “Insomnia” by Caly Applewhyte will surely leave you amazed.

The exhibition at Dixmix Gallery will remain open till December 18th, while the exhibit at La Maison d’Aneli will be open for a much longer time (probably at least till the end of the year). Both the exhibitions are a must-visit for lovers of art and one can truly experience the power of art created exclusively in Second Life through the work of artists like Awesome Fallen.


  1. Dixmix Gallery – Madori Bay

  2. La Maison d’Aneli – Virtual Holland

You can also read Violet Boa’s in-depth interview of Awesome Fallen HERE

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