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The Rainbow Collection : From Fractals to Landscapes

Explore the diverse art collection of Timo and Patience Dumpling displayed at Art Korner from June 5th. An Exclusive Gift from us awaits!

I have already featured gallery owners, curators and most importantly, art lovers Timo and Patience Dumpling in an extensive interview a while back (see the article HERE). While talking to them, it is but evident that these are individuals who are not just passionate about art but also equally passionate about supporting the artists who created it.

With that objective in mind, they created their very own Rainbow Painters Gallery – a gallery where an artist is never turned away or refused to display their artwork. It is like a hub where anyone who is passionate about creating art can have their work displayed amongst the works of masters.

Timo started his first gallery 13 years back with his late wife on a region called Information Island, where all they had on display were six to eight images. They longed for a better place but were not allowed to extend on that particular island; so they ended up getting their own island upon which they constructed a gallery and used to display art works.

At the time, they were both working and could afford the tier; however when his wife retired, they shifted to a 1/4 sim on which they ended up placing the building Timo and Patience still use today for the Rainbow Painters Gallery.

After his wife passed away, Timo met Patience and since then, they have moved four times, each time extending the build a bit to accommodate more artists until finally establishing themselves where they are today.

The Rainbow Painters Gallery

Timo says, “I have always been of the opinion that having many artists showing just a few of their works creates a showing of something for everyone’s taste and gives each artist the opportunity to draw the visitor to their respective galleries.”

In every showing which lasts six to eight weeks, the Rainbow Painters Gallery gets around 45 artists who each showcase a few of their works based on a particular theme.

The Rainbow Collection – Art Korner

How and when did you first start collecting art?” That was my question to Timo as I gazed in awe at their incredible art collection.

His answer was rather fascinating.

“I think I started collecting art right from the beginning”, he said. “It is sad for me to see art which I really liked being removed from galleries. It is the feeling of separation you get when you are bidding adieu to someone close to you for a long time. The thought came into my head that if I don’t buy this, I am not going to be able to see and admire it again. And I wanted to do just that.”

Patience also bought art she liked and together between them, their collection has today exceeded over 200 works of art.

The Rainbow Collection – Art Korner

“I think buying a work of art also encourages an artist to create more”, says Timo. ” A few of the well-known artists in SL started at our gallery and they still support us today just as we support them by collecting their art and proudly showing it off.”

I am honored to have a part of their art collection displayed at Art Korner. The diversity in their collection can be seen through this spectacular display. We also wanted this to be an informational setup; so along the way, you will come across many tidbits of information giving you a brief overview of each type of art and photography you will see here.

Fractal art, landscapes, surrealist works, mandalas and many other styles of art can be seen at The Rainbow Collection at Art Korner. Gracing the stage for the opening event on Saturday June 5th at 1 pm SLT is the incredible live singer Djembe Dragonfire, whose powerful performance is sure to leave you stunned.

FREE GIFT – Art Korner Explorer’s HUD – Available Exclusively at The Rainbow Collection


Oh yeah, before I forget, I have also made an Art Korner Explorer’s HUD (consisting of TPs to the Picks of the Month for April, May and June) similar to my weekly Art Exhibits HUD, which will be available exclusively at The Rainbow Collection along with a compiled booklet of all the “Picks of the Month” we have featured on the blog so far.

Be there for the GRAND OPENING of The Rainbow Collection at Art Korner on Saturday June 5th at 1 pm SLT! Click HERE for a taxi.

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