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<b>World Art Day</b> : <em>What Art Means</em> to Artists

Today, on the occasion of World Art Day, we asked several artists what art means to them. Their answers turned out to be really interesting!

Most of us spent a big part of the past year confined to the interiors of our own homes. Looking back at the past year, I remember the quote by Pablo Picasso : “Art washes from the soul the dust of everyday life.” I can’t help but notice how true this quote holds for us in the times we are living in. Staying inside for long durations has a negative impact on one’s state of mind and people looked to various hobbies to keep their minds occupied. And here is where Art has played a major role in the battle against Covid-19.

The World Art Day is celebrated on April 15th each year to help reinforce the links between artistic creations and society, encourage greater awareness of the diversity of artistic expressions and highlight the contribution of artists to sustainable development. This date was chosen as it also happens to be the birthday of one of the greatest artists of all time – Leonardo da Vinci.

Art has the power to bring about a positive change in society. It is a medium for artists to express themselves. It can be a mode of effective communication while it is also able to enthrall a viewer. Art begins with the artist and ends with the viewer. The final element of any work of art is always the viewer as the same artwork can often have different meanings for everyone. Such is the beauty of art.

Today we asked various artists and photographers who regularly exhibit in SL what art means to them. Their answers are really informative and enlightening!

Dido Haas

SL Artist, Curator of Nitroglobus Gallery

I am a functional person so I will keep my answer short and functional: Art makes life worth living, Real Life and Second Life speaking.

Heather Falls-Lumet

SL Photographer

Art means a lot to me. It is of course different for all of us, but for me it is a way to express myself. But photography is also a bit like meditation. Concentrating only on what is in the camera lens helps me sort my head out. But I also love to see the art of others because it is like seeing a part of them.

Hermes Kondor

RL Photographer, Digital Artist, Curator and Owner of Kondor Art Center

Art is a creative process guided by inspiration and love.

Art is the most genuine expression of our our inner self.

Jennifer Steele

RL Artist and Mesh Sculptor, Scripter and Builder in SL

Art is a spiritual journey, a seductive lover, an unruly child, a release, an addiction, a constant pulsing vibration throughout my entire being. It is the very breath I take. It can save me from unbelievable stress or take me down a deep rabbit hole of exploration. From a child I’ve always been encouraged to be an Artist. My Mother was an amazing opera singer and sketch artist. My Dad was an incredible musician and a classical bass player for Sarah Vaughan when she toured in Canada. My family is full of singers, writers, visual artists, musicians, performers, and actors. Being an artist is who I am. It’s my blood, my life, the reason I wake up every day. Every time I pick up a paint brush, a pencil, a piece of chalk, the generations of my family flow through my fingertips.

Looker Lumet

SL Photographer

What art means to me can be rather difficult to answer. What art is to me doesn’t always need to be art in someone else’s eye. To define art to me would be the same as to define beauty.

Which leads us to the next question, what is beauty to me, or what is the beauty in art to me. So, to summarize it shortly, art to me is what I think is beautiful… and that can be paintings, photography, builds, objects and many other things.

Melusina Parkin

SL Photographer, Creator of Art Deco Furniture

Art is any creation that arouses emotions. A text, an image, a music that’s able to move our souls, to evoke memories, to show unseen and unexpected sides of reality. Art is talking by symbols, by allusions, finding and showing connections. Our eyes, or even better: our brain, doesn’t copy the reality, they build it; an artist’s eye and brain build worlds that aren’t the usual world we see, but that aren’t any less real than that either.

Mony Pedroia

SL Artist, Pose Creator

Art is an expression of our thoughts, emotions, intuitions, and desires, but it is even more personal than that. It’s about sharing the way we experience the world, which for many is an extension of personality. It is the communication of intimate concepts that cannot be faithfully portrayed by words alone. Creating my images is a outlet for my way of feeling in certain situations or moments. I use my emotions to create images to put closure to subjects which may affect me at that moment, may they be happy or painful. Photography is a way of coping for me, personally. Every image tells its own story. That’s also how I create my poses. I have a certain image in my mind and try to portray that image with the poses I create.

Riannah Avora

3D SL Artist, Founder/Admin of United Artists of SL

To me, art means the freedom of expression and immersion. When others can feel the intent of the work, that is art. Not just mindlessly throwing together a pretty picture or scene… there is emotion involved. Art can allow you to see someone’s soul, if you look for it.

There are many ways to accomplish this. Some see art as simply a 2D or 3D works, but that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Living very rural, I see art everyday in nature. I can capture it in a photograph. I also see art in engineering as mechanical and electronic forms. My most recent art exhibit is based on nothing but physics and scripts applied to simple objects.

My personal relationship in creating art is the ability to immerse myself in what I am doing for hours upon hours. It allows me to wash away the stresses in life and just ‘be’ at a very basic and raw level. Sometimes there is a specific goal in mind, sometimes not. When I just go with what I am thinking at the moment with no plan, I tend to stumble upon things that I never imagined before. I like that the most because it really does encompass what I am thinking and feeling at that time.

It really has no limitations. But, I think art is not just merely knowing how to do certain things with objects, it’s the ability to present a feeling in the manipulation of the objects for people who are experiencing it. It is what is interpreted by the person that seeing it or hearing it. And it’s not the same for everyone.

Rose Hanry

SL Photographer

To me, art is something as necessary as breath. I love all different forms of art from painting to music and I think even cooking can be a form of art. Art is everything that goes beyond the usual. People who design cakes, tapestry or play an instrument or sing are also artists. Kids can also become artists when they create new things with the stuff they learn.

A human society is alive and healthy when people admire and support various forms of art.

In SL, I see art in the way people landscape their land or create an object like a house, clothes, skins, heads and eyes, or when create photographs. Photos in SL are not just a click in the camera. There’s a lot of work behind the scenes which requires a creative mind. Sometimes I feel it is harder than taking a photo in RL.

Traci Ultsch

RL and SL Artist

To me, art is a really simple thing.

As a creator, it is a way to express my emotions and feelings. It can also helps me process things I personally have dealt with or am dealing with.

As a viewer, art is horrible, beautiful, thoughtless, dumb and wonderful.

Whiskey Apple

SL Artist and Photographer

Somebody once said to me: “Art can be anything and everything can be art !!”

I think that’s kinda correct. It depends on which feelings the artist brings to his project and which emotions the art evokes in the viewer. So in my opinion, it is not possible to create art without feelings, whether it is a picture, a photo, a sculpture, a performance or something else.

So what does art mean to me?

“Art is always a small piece of our soul that we share with others!”

We should treat it with respect.

Zia Branner

RL Artist

Art can be a guide in life. Art matters cause it offers us assistance in the project of getting on well with our lives, with my life. It is a way of expressing ourselves. For me art is a form of being honest. The artist is honest to his/her soul. Art is supposed to make you feel something. Whether you see it or make it.

I once read that ‘making art is rebellion against the finiteness of life’. And to this day I still believe that.

Wishing all artists and art lovers a Happy World Art Day!

What does art mean to you? Please do comment below.

All artist pictures have been provided by the respective artists.

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