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Behind the Wraps : The Art of Celestial Demon

The latest exhibition at the Vibes Art Gallery puts a spotlight on Celestial Demon, an artist whose work will leave you in awe.

An angelic figure sits on the floor, looking downwards in a pensive mood, its wings spread out across the frame of the image. The wings and the body are bathed in a heavenly golden glow. Perhaps the only thing out of place in this heavenly image is the crown made of horns that rests on the head of the angel. Much like his name, Celestial Demon loves to delve into a grey world through his photography, where nothing is completely good or bad but rather somewhere in between.

Behind the Wraps” – his latest exhibition at Vibes Art Gallery is not only one of his largest expositions so far, but also perhaps the most diverse. Occupying all three exhibition spaces at the gallery, Celestial Demon presents twenty-nine stunning images which are engaging and will often prompt you to think and reflect upon various things.

Behind the Wraps” by Celestial Demon – Vibes Art Gallery

Unlike most other artists who prefer using 4:3 or 16:9 format for their work, Celestial Demon prefers to shoot his work in a much more unconventional, wider format (around 3:1). The works have been roughly classified into three categories, with Theater 7 showcasing primarily black and white photography, Theater 8 showcasing vibrant colors and Theater 9 striking a balance between the two set of works by using subtle colors on a black or white background.

Most of Celestial Demon’s black and white works are minimalist in nature, where the negative space in the image speaks just as much as the subject. Whether it is the rich, dark silhouettes of angelic figures against a bright white background or the close up shots of various body parts with shadows enhancing the effectiveness of the image, Celestial Demon’s image composition is incredible in each case.

Behind the Wraps” by Celestial Demon – Vibes Art Gallery

Almost each and every work gives you something to ponder about. For example, “Stronger” depicts a man with flowing, long hair like the warriors of old, walking steadfastly even though his body has been pierced with a number of swords from all directions. Looking at the image, one can’t help but wonder if this is perhaps Celestial Demon’s interpretation of the famous quote from Friedrich Nietzsche’s Twilight of the Idols (1888) – “What does not kill me, makes me stronger“.

Theater 8 connects to the previous room through a small corridor. As we emerge into this new room, we feel like we are in a completely different world – a world with bright colors that bring the images on the wall to life. In one of the photographs, a dark figure emerges from the water under a blood red sky that has changed even the color of the water because of its reflection while in another, the same dark figure walks through a scarlet field.

Behind the Wraps” by Celestial Demon – Vibes Art Gallery

While some of the images are considerably darker than others in this room, perhaps one of the most evocative images that will make you think is “Gate of the Soul“, in which the soft pastel colors used create a soothing effect. The lines and the colors work together to create magic in this photograph. For me, personally, this image symbolizes the moment in a relationship when one opens their heart to another but I am sure each viewer will be able to find their own meaning. This is the true beauty of Celestial Demon’s work.

The third exhibition space – Theater 9 – is perhaps the largest of the three and is located on the other side of the landing point. What makes this space especially important is the fact that it houses the titular image of the exhibit – “Behind the Wraps“. Celestial Demon often blurs the unimportant parts of an image to create extra focus on the bit which is most important. In Theater 9, one can see quite a few examples of this, the most prominent one being “Devil May Cry“, in which the crying face of the devil with tears of blood streaming down his cheeks has been highlighted effectively by blurring his horns and hair.

Behind the Wraps” by Celestial Demon – Vibes Art Gallery

Celestial Demon’s latest exhibition at the Vibes Art Gallery is a treat for art lovers to enjoy and perhaps also an inspiration for new photographers, offering them an insight into a remarkable new style or work which is incredibly difficult to implement. Visit it with a good amount on your hands, for time passes quickly when you are in the presence of great art.


  1. Vibes Art Gallery – Isola del Giglio

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