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A Beautiful Journey through Osta Nimosa

Owned and managed by Terry Gold and Melania, Osta Nimosa and Solo Arte are places perfect for some incredible photography and art installations coupled with the beauty of nature.

I found out about Osta Nimosa when I read a notice in one of the art groups which talked about a beautiful forest hidden in its basement. Naturally, I was curious and decided to follow through by exploring this place. And by the end of my visit, I was so glad I came here.

Located on a quarter sim, this masterpiece which blends art with natural surroundings (a theme I have been exploring through this blog quite a bit in recent days) is owned and created by Terry Gold and Melania. The entire location can be split into three levels – the ground (Osta Nimosa), the art gallery (Solo Arte) and the game room.

The islands – Osta Nimosa

The ground consists of a beautiful archipelago of islands which are perfect for photography, and for simply exploring with your friends or a partner. This is a place to relax and discover interesting stuff on each island. Some of the islands contain houses fitted with artistic installations inside while others offer a perfect camping retreat for you and your partner.

Each island in the archipelago is thought out and planned really well. One can appreciate Terry and Melania’s artistic approach to their builds by looking at Osta Nimosa and the variety it offers within even a small space. One great way to explore these small islands is by boat. If not, you can always take a plunge into the water (which isn’t deep at all!).

An interesting installation – Osta Nimosa

Solo Arte, the second level here, is in a skybox and can be accessed through a teleporter near the landing point. Solo Arte is an art gallery, mostly consisting of several really interesting things created by Terry and Melania. In particular, I was really impressed by the beautiful lighting here.

When you land at Solo Arte, don’t forget to explore the basement, which has been redesigned into a magical forest clearing with a campsite and a place to host events/parties. This forest clearing is a beautiful place to click pictures. You can continue up the stairs to see some more interesting installations by Terry Gold.

A beautiful forest – Osta Nimosa

Eventually the climb will bring you to the game room – a fun place with a number of games which you can enjoy with your group. Exploring Osta Nimosa and Solo Arte a beautiful journey and another interesting example of blending art with natural surroundings.


  1. Osta Nimosa – Mystic Bay



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