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Beira da Ribeira : A Wild Journey through the Amazon Jungle

Embark on an expedition through dense tropical rainforests, treacherous swamps and tribal villages in this beautiful region which takes inspiration from the forests of the Amazon.

The Amazon River Basin is home to one of the largest rainforests on Earth. The diversity of this ecosystem is so vast that it is said one in ten known species in the world are found here. These rain forests contain billions of metric tons of carbon and are crucial in stabilizing local and global climate. The Amazon and its tributaries stretch for thousands of miles, winding through mountains, valleys and plains across nine different countries. They are the lifelines of these jungles which are inhabited by a large variety of animals, plants, insects, fish, reptiles and birds.

The deforestation site is a picture of human greed, utter disregard for the environment and our constant desire for excess

For nature lovers and anyone who likes to explore in Second Life, Beira da Ribeira is nothing short of paradise. We start our journey on the banks of the mighty Amazon river at a deforestation site. Several freshly-cut tree stumps are visible all over this patch of cleared forest. The trunks of these trees have been placed on a cargo ship for transportation. One can easily draw parallels between this landscape and the real world, where deforestation of the Amazon jungles has been on the rise. It is a picture of human greed, disregard for the environment and our constant desire for excess.

Beyond this man-made clearing, a small path wanders off into the dense natural forest. Before you start off on your journey, make sure your sounds are turned on inworld. The variety in the sounds of nature which can be heard during the course of this journey is incredible. As we start making our way into the woods, we are quickly surrounded by the jungle and the cacophony of whirring, chirping, buzzing and general insect noise takes over. It is not long before the path disappears beneath the roots of trees and the dense shrubs and bushes and we are left to find our own way through the dense vegetation and undergrowth teeming with wildlife.

A jaguar on the prowl in the dense jungle

A bunch of Tapirs graze quietly in the forest

The experience of walking around this remarkable landscape trying to spot wildlife is like going on a nature trail in the Amazon River Basin. Just listening to the sounds of wildlife and nature within the forest is soothing and a rare occurrence for most of us who lead an urban life. It provides a sense of peace and calm, something that is much needed in these troubling times. Beira da Ribeira (translating to Riverside in English) is the 8th project by RioSisco Productions and has been spearheaded by Fred Hamilton. It provides residents with the experience of hiking through the beautiful and sometimes deadly forests along the Amazon.

This adventure would not have been complete without the ambient sounds provided by Electric Monday which play throughout the region. The chirping of birds, the croaking of frogs and the sounds of insects all add up towards creating the atmosphere of the jungle. One sound in particular which has been used to great effect is that of the Musician Wren, also known as the uirapuru. It is without a doubt one of the most beautiful sounds in the Amazon and has been incorporated beautifully into this region.

A human settlement with a seaplane and plenty of boats

While exploring the wilderness, one also comes across a human settlement which is typical of many along the banks of this mighty river. A number of boats, a fishing raft and a seaplane provide some wonderful photo opportunities. Props, poses and other things necessary for photography can be rezzed after joining the RioSisco Group. A joining fee of L$250 is applicable.

A number of animals, birds and reptiles can be seen throughout the forest in their most natural habitat. A really fun way to explore this sim would be to compete with friends or with yourself while trying to spot the animals inhabiting this region. Here we provide a checklist for our readers interested in spotting these animals. Can you spot all of them?

Fauna Checklist for Beira da Ribeira

  1. Anaconda

  2. Blue and Gold Parrot

  3. Cormorant

  4. Egret

  5. Jaguar

  6. Raccoon

  7. Sloth

  8. Tapir

  9. Black Panther

  10. Caninana/Yellow Rat Snake

  11. Crocodile

  12. Heron

  13. Otter

  14. Red-Crowned Crane

  15. Spix’s Macaw

  16. Woodpecker

Beira da Ribeira is a journey about the diversity of nature. It provides an insight into the Amazon ecosystem and the necessity for its preservation. You can visit this region with friends, with your partner or alone – it is going to be a trip full of excitement, adventure and loads of fun in any case.

Click HERE to visit Beira da Ribeira inworld.

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