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Best of Flickr : Feb 11th-18th, 2022

The Art Korner SL Flickr Group is always full of incredible photographs submitted by some of the most amazing photographers, both old and new. Landscapes, surreal visuals, evocative portraits and much more inspiring content can be seen in our group. Every Saturday, we will be choosing some of these images and featuring them on our blog, thus putting a spotlight on these amazing photographers.

Our Flickr Group moderator, Jeanie (jeanienabottle) has picked some wonderful images from the past week which popped up on our feed.

Immersed In You

Immersed in You by Lucas Tiros

Those moments where you lie in a bathtub, staring at the ceiling, thinking about stuff in a pensive (sometimes sad) mood. We’ve all had them, haven’t we? Photographer Lucas Tiros captures this moment beautifully through his work – “Immersed in You” – which features a girl lying immersed in a tub of water, while simultaneously also being immersed in her own thoughts.


Amrum by Blip Mumfuzz

Blip Mumfuzz is an artist who is known for her landscapes. While many of her recent works have featured cityscapes of some sort, this turn back to more natural landscapes really caught our eye and piqued our interest. Pssst… if you are interested in seeing Blip’s exhibit inworld, drop by in the latter half of the following week at Art Korner!

Digging the Scene like Beautiful Cliches

Digging the Scene like Beautiful Cliches by Gianmario Masala

We featured Gianmario‘s exhibit – “The Eternal Leave” – on our blog last month. The way he treats his subjects (usually avatars) and manages to evoke different moods in the viewer is simply incredible. One of his images from that exhibition came on our blog feed and immediately captured our attention.

Portrait of a young woman

Portrait of a Young Woman by Milena Carbone

Minimalist work has recently been Milena Carbone‘s passion. This could be seen through her past couple of exhibitions. “Portrait of a Young Woman” is just an example of this new style Milena has been cultivating for the past few months, relying much more on composition, simplicity and soft emotions to connect with the audience.


Fragilities by Mariza Reifsnider

Another example of minimalist work, this time a landscape, comes from Mariza Reifsnider, someone we truly admire for the versatility in her images. Less is more, and these minimalist works amply prove it to be true.

In the realm of dreams

In the Realm of Dreams by Selen Minotaur

Abstraction, surrealism, vibrant colors and mesmerizing patterns have been hallmarks of Selen‘s work. And her striking image – “In the Land of Dreams” completely left us in awe of her talent.


Hi by Mihailsk

Last but not the least, an image which has been displayed at our very own Art Korner in December ’21 by none other than Mihailsk. His exhibit – “EGO/EΓΩ” was loved by all and this amazing photograph took us back to his exhibit and drowned us in waves of nostalgia.

Want to get a chance to be featured sometime? Keep submitting to the Art Korner SL Flickr Group!



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