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Best of Flickr : February 4th – 11th, 2022

The Art Korner SL Flickr Group is always full of incredible photographs submitted by some of the most amazing photographers, both old and new. Landscapes, surreal visuals, evocative portraits and much more inspiring content can be seen in our group. Every Saturday, we will be choosing some of these images and featuring them on our blog, thus putting a spotlight on these amazing photographers.

Our Flickr Group moderator, Jeanie (jeanienabottle) has picked some wonderful images from the past week which popped up on our feed.

Früher Frühling.

Früher Frühling” by Quark Fallen

Landscapes are perhaps one of the most popular forms of SL photography you see exhibited on Flickr or inworld; however a good landscape shot is one which captures the beauty of not just the landscape but also the feeling the photographer experienced while being there. This shot taken by Quark Fallen at Soul2Soul Highlands plays with light and depth of field in just the right way to make sure viewers get a realistic feel of the place itself.

Bend Not Break

Bend Not Break” by Loegan Magic

Someone once said that colors appeal to the eye but a good black and white shot appeals to the soul; and Loegan Magic’s landscape of the Lost Lagoon captured in greyscale does just that. The beautiful dance between shadows and lights creates a stunning composition. It’s no surprise that we chose this to be our Group Cover for the week.

wondrous river

Wondrous River” by Uxui

Vibrant colors dance against a dark background highlighting a face (and especially those eyes) full of emotion. This beautiful capture by Uxui is a piece of art that definitely touches something in you, much like most of his Flickr feed. So, check it out if you haven’t already!


Broken” by Eoleon Elcano

When you lost someone you loved, the world seems to be broken.

Loss and grief form the theme of Eoleon Elcano’s image and everything about it is just perfect. Eo is a perfectionist whose emotions and moods drive her work. This photograph is one that is sure to touch your heart.

It's wonderful

It’s Wonderful” by Lalie Sorbet

Lalie is perhaps one of the most diverse photographers we know. And we love her! Whatever subject she chooses to capture, she does complete justice to depicting it in the most ingenious quirky way possible. This image in black and white is a simple example of the way she creates a beautiful story within every image.

Sit down and shut up they told me

Sit Down and Shut Up They Told Me” by Ethan Lane Jaymes

Who doesn’t know Ethan? Blogger, blogger manager, influencer, sim owner … and a most wonderful human being. Ethan is one of the few photographers who manage to blend blogging with art to create images which most viewers find connect with. While most of his work uses a rather vibrant palette, this photograph in the grayscale captured our attention almost instantly. But check out his Flickr feed and you will be amazed at the versatility of this amazing photographer!

night falls on norderney...forever

Night Falls on Norderney … Forever” by Cari

Minimalism is a tough genre to master. This image of a boat floating silently on the water in nighttime Norderney by Cari takes a minimalist approach. Cari’s composition and the various shades of blue the effect of moonlight creates on the water is a true beauty to admire.

Want to get a chance to be featured sometime? Keep submitting to the Art Korner SL Flickr Group!



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