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"Blind" by Milena Carbone - Climate Change and Humanity's Path of Self-Destruction

Explore this incredible installation by Milena Carbone at La Maison d'Aneli, which talks about climate change denial and why humans choose to blissfully ignore the destruction they are already causing.

"Blind" by Milena Carbone is the first exhibit of a three-part series known as The Fifth Season, which will culminate in a display of the final part along with the others at our very own Artsville.

In her work, Milena has often touched upon topics related to human greed. In The Fifth Season, she focuses on one of the major consequences of human greed, which will eventually affect us all - climate change.

The first exhibition of this series - "Blind" - is housed at La Maison d'Aneli and explores the tendency of humans to deny the existence of what is right in front of their eyes and continue to follow a path of self-destruction, which will eventually end in disaster.

To get the best experience from viewing this exhibition, please ensure you have the following settings right:

  • Graphics - High to Ultra

  • Enable Advanced Lighting Model

  • Shadows -> Sun/Moon + Projectors

  • Draw Distance - Minimum 128 m

  • Environment -> Midnight

  • Move and View -> View Angle -> Between 0.8 and 1.2

This installation also uses video techniques, so make sure you switch on the All Media button on the top right of your window.

"Blind" comprises of a central room, which features a church, and four narrow rooms that lead off it to the four sides. Each room narrates stories, inspired by Greek mythology and contemporary literature.

Each story is accompanied by text (through a link to Milena's website), images and props that beautifully encompass its essence. Milena has narrated a total of eight stories through "Blind", including one in the church, which is at the very center of the build.

The tales of Tiresias, Oedipus, Antigone and Daphne are well known mythological stories, which have been presented by Milena in a contemporary setting. The stories are deeply moving and will often bring tears to your eyes. Themes of blindness, illusion and deceit are common through all the narratives and countless parallels can be drawn between them and the self-destructive path which humans tread today blindly, choosing to ignore the warning signs which are evident.

In many ways, Milena's installation - "Blind" - holds a mirror to society and our relationship with nature, hoping that we will go beyond awareness and conscience to try repairing this relationship while it can still be saved.


Tip: Upon landing at the main landing point at La Maison d'Aneli, use the Teleporter to reach Milena's exhibition. While you are here, visit the other exhibitions, which are also amazing!


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