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Blue Period at The Galleries

The artists exhibiting at The Galleries put on a stunning display of art based on just a simple title given to them by the curator – “Blue Period“.

Colors have the power to evoke certain feelings and emotions among people. These feelings are often driven by individual experiences and thus the same color can elicit very different responses from different people. The color blue is really interesting in this regard. Blue is the color of the daytime sky as well as the color of water. Both these things are associated with peace and calm, thus making it a pleasant color for many people. However it can also appear cold, distant and icy at times for some.

At The Galleries, one can witness an interesting art show organized by owner and curator Ernie Farstrider with the help of all artists exhibiting there. Each artist was invited by Ernie to contribute a piece of their own artwork to the show. They were not given any information or theme, just the name of the show : “Blue Period“.

Rage Darkstone’s homage to photographer Eadweard Muybridge accompanied by works of Elin Egoyan (left) and ArtWolf Eternal (right)

The title refers to an infamous period in art history known as Pablo Picasso’s Blue Period. It is the period when he produced some of his most popular works but ironically had great difficulties selling them at the time. It is said Picasso’s Blue Period began somewhere in 1901 when he learned of the death of his close friend Carles Casamegas, who shot himself in a café in Paris. After the death of his friend, Picasso began to slowly sink into a severe depression, which would last for several years afterwards.

Blue started to dominate Picasso’s works as he slipped into depression. Themes of poverty, grief, loneliness and despair dominated most of his Blue Period works. This was how Pablo Picasso saw the color blue. But as I have said before, the same color does not necessarily evoke the same emotions in different people. And most definitely not a color as diverse as blue.

In “Blue Period” at The Galleries, one can see the power of this color and the range of different emotions it can bring out through the art of thirteen different artists. After a quick stroll around the art show, you will realize that in each artwork, blue, in its various shades and tones, has been used to portray a different emotion or mood. However, this can even sometimes depend on the viewer.

Blessed be my Avatar that bears my burdens” by Amy Inawe and “Medley” by Donna Giordano

In Donna Giordano’s Medley, she uses light shades of blue-green for depicting happier moods whereas Amy Inawe uses darker shades to represent the cloud of problems and worries surrounding her in “Blessed be my Avatar that bears my burdens“. Even in landscapes, the color blue can be used in very different ways. ArtWolf Eternal uses it to depict a violent storm and the guidance provided by a lighthouse to ships in such situations while Kicca Igaly, in her beautiful painting, uses contrast between various shades of blue to showcase the waves and landscape of a heavenly beach, bathed in moonlight.

Gitu Aura’s work on thirst is really interesting

Gitu Aura uses this versatile color in a very special way in her work depicting a man who holds an empty glass in his hand and longs for some water to quench his thirst. Blue, the color of water, being used in a work of art about thirst so effectively is something I found really interesting.

Even the other artists – Kayli Iali, Sisi Biedermann, Domitalia Jinx, Elin Egoyan, Rage Darkstone, Kitten Mills, Xirana Oximoxi and Zia Branner – each have their own unique way of treating blue. Just as Picasso found sorrow and loneliness in the color, every artist at The Galleries finds a mood or feeling of their own and showcases it in their work brilliantly.

In “Blue Period” at The Galleries, one can see the beauty and diversity of a color through the art of some of the most incredible artists in SL. Click HERE to visit this exhibition inworld.

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