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Bluebell Coast : A Touch of Scotland

Explore tranquil beaches, spectacular bluebell meadows and the mysterious ruins of an ancient fortress in this region of unmatched beauty.

From the picturesque isles to its beautiful highlands, from historical castles to tranquil lakes, Scotland is, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful places in the world. In the words of Julia London, “The place is magical – it’s so far north, so remote, that sometimes it feels like you’ve left this world and gone to another.”

I was truly delighted when Christina Hammerer invited me to visit a new location she had created inworld – Bluebell Coast. Christina hails from the heart of Scotland and has a deep connection with her homeland. She has built a region taking inspiration from the immense natural beauty found in abundance around her home in the county of Ayrshire. One can say Bluebell Coast is based on the landscape she sees around her every day.

Bluebells are perhaps among the most unmistakable flowers found in the Scottish woodlands. They are one of those flowers which define the landscape of this incredible region. It comes as no surprise, therefore, that Christina decided to name this region after these colorful flowers which can be found in large numbers and add to the unspeakable beauty of the landscape.

Field of Bluebells – Bluebell Coast

At the landing point, you will find a map showing the layout of the county of Ayrshire. If you are interested to know more about the fascinating history of this region, just click on the map to receive a notecard with more information about it. Along with this, Christina also pays homage to two men from Ayrshire who are famous around the world today. The first one is the famous whisky-maker Johnnie Walker and the other is Dr. Alexander Fleming, known for his discovery of penicillin, which brought about great advancements in the field of medicine.

From the landing point, you can take a number of routes to explore Bluebell Coast. You can head east and follow the dirt path down to the beach, which is a great spot to relax if you are with your partner; or you can proceed in the opposite direction, cross a wooden bridge across a gently flowing stream and reach a field of bluebells at the foothills of a ruined fortress.

If you proceed to take the former, make sure you also visit the old tower which lies on a hillock at the northern end of the beach. Each location at Bluebell Coast comes with a title given to it that is painted on a wooden board and this tower happens to be Inventor’s Corner. This is again a tribute to the inventors from Ayrshire – Johnnie Walker and Dr. Alexander Fleming – whose works are world famous today.

Hammy’s Cottage – Bluebell Coast

The same dirt path turns westwards, crosses a small bridge across a burbling stream and finally reaches a rather endearing cottage in the Scottish countryside. A board announces “Hammy’s Cottage” which probably means this is a representation of Christina’s own home in Ayrshire. One can see some farm equipment and farm animals around the cottage. Christina has even incorporated Grampa Hammy into the mix, thus making this a place very close to her heart.

Right in front of the cottage you will now be able to see the field of bluebells you would have come to had you taken the other route from the landing point. Looking out from the cottage, to the right of the bluebell meadow, you can see a couple of perfectly-placed picnic tables. Beyond the tables, the terrain quickly falls away to another isolated beach, this one inhabited by some seagulls and a small colony of seals.

Ruins of an ancient fortress – Bluebell Coast

Following the path southwards from the cottage, we pass through the field of bluebells and towards the ruins of an ancient fortress. Scotland has a rich history and hence it comes as no surprise that ancient forts and fortresses are found in plenty all across the region. Climb the stone steps to your right and explore these ancient ruins that always have an air of mystery about them. This is also a lovely place for a romantic dance if you are on a date. In fact, dance balls can be found pretty much all over this region and anywhere is great to sway to the amazing tunes with your partner.

The beautiful weather and the breathtaking landscape of Scotland make it an excellent destination for camping in summer. Campsites are definitely not uncommon in Scotland and camping is one of the most fun activities one can do with the whole family. A small distance away, a stone archway opens up to an incredible campsite with two tents, a raging campfire and a couple of showers. This is a great spot for a picnic with your friends or with your partner.

Campsite – Bluebell Coast

Follow the path further to finally reach a cave. Inside, you will find The Cave Inn, a music club which looks like a location perfect for hosting parties. Right before the path ends at the cave, a flight of stone steps disappears into the forest on the hill. Climb these steps and follow the trail through dense woodlands to reach a heavenly spot with a picnic table set out where you can enjoy some peaceful moments as a few deer, white as snow, graze nearby.

Bluebell Coast gives you a taste of Scotland and in particular of Christina’s home county of Ayrshire. With its spectacular landscapes and magical locations, it provides numerous opportunities for photography. Couples, friends and almost everyone will end up spending a great time here.

Click HERE to visit Bluebell Coast and get a taste of Scotland in the virtual world. Please do share your pictures in their FLICKR group.



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