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Body Language/The Invisible Woman - The Art of Wicked Eiren

Wicked Eiren exhibits for the first time ever in Second Life and in a very personal exhibition, draws attention to an illness that has tormented her internally.

Central Sensitivity Syndromes (CSSs) is an umbrella term which houses a series of complex chronic diseases such as myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS), fibromyalgia, and many more. These are diseases in which the pain is often hidden and can not be seen externally, but the internal screams of the patient in anguish are very much present.

Wicked Eiren, the artist currently exhibiting her works for the first time in Second Life at Dido's Part of the Nitroglobus Gallery, suffers from one such illness and uses her exhibition to draw attention to the plea of countless others who suffer from similar diseases.

Each of the 15 pieces Wick presents in her exhibition is personal to her - every one of them depicting a different symptom of her own illness. Muscle weakness, fatigue, burning, tingling and intense pain are just some of the symptoms she depicts through her images, which are composed in the grayscale.

Wick has paid great attention to her composition and lighting as she always does. The texture of the skin and the facial expressions in her photographs seem extremely real. The anguish and the silent scream of the woman tormented by CSS is plain to see through these images.

A poem by Toni Blackman resonates with the images perfectly:

I am an invisible woman.

Not because people refuse to see me.

They know I am here.

But it's as if my (pain) detracts from my existence.

My presence too often mistaken for absence.

I am an invisible woman.

Tim Booth is one of Wick's predominant inspirations while creating this exhibition. The influence of his immaculate technique is seen throughout her work as well.

Second Life is a creative relief for Wick and emotionally it is a way to express what she can not have in the physical world. Her artistic challenge has always been to try making SL photography seem as real as photos taken in the physical world using the digital tools available. In this aspect, she is immensely successful in this exhibition at the Nitroglobus Gallery.

With light art by Adwehe and sculptures by some of the most brilliant sculptors in Second Life used to create a suitable ambiance in the exhibit, "Body Language/The Invisible Woman" is an immersive, engaging display which draws attention to a subject that is often ignored.

The opening of the exhibition featured a ballet performance by Milena Carbone, followed by a party with DJ Niels. All proceeds of this exhibition from Milena, DJ Niels and Wick will be going to the BC Women's Health Foundation. The first donation was made after the opening and can be viewed HERE



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