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Call for Artists : Art Street Galleries Seiiki

Are you an artist? The Art Street Galleries at Seiiki are looking for new, emerging and established artists who would love to display their work. Read below for more information

Art Street Galleries, located at the ValiumSL I – Seiiki region, has two small gallery spaces available to photographic artists, new, emerging or experienced. The spaces are located in the street outside the Main Gallery building.

Each gallery accommodates roughly 6 – 8 images, depending on the image sizes.

The gallery space will be available to you for 30 days to display your work. You will be allowed 25 prims per space. It is up to you what you display and how you decorate your space. Keep in mind, Seiiki is a Japanese inspired region. Nothing can be displayed outside of your space.

No nudity allowed in the images as this is a moderate region.

The images you display may NOT be available for sale within the gallery. However you may place a notecard stating to contact you direct about a sale.

Vally Lavender is the curator for these two spots and will select two artists from those that submit their questionnaire. It is anticipated that the selection will be made before February 1st, 2022.

There are two well known artists exhibiting in those spaces at the moment. Please go by and check out the spaces and pick up the Questionnaire while you are there! You may also contact Valium for a Questionnaire but she is often not online.

Art Street Galleries Seiiki is very happy to be able to accommodate artists who wish to display!


  1. Art Street Galleries – Seiiki

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