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Carpe Noctem : The Evocative Portraits of Maloe

Maloe Vansant is one of the finest photographers on the grid and her exhibitions are always something we enjoy visiting. Explore her latest one at the Dixmix Gallery this week!

When one mentions portraits, most of our minds go back to the classical style of portraiture which we have seen in countless paintings and photographs. With the advent of modern art, however, even the genre of photography took a new turn. Surface impressions don’t mean or portray a lot. Most contemporary photographers believe that to scratch the surface and reveal a person’s true characters, one needs to represent elements which are invisible such as the mood or the inner state of mind.

This style, of course, extends to both RL and SL photography and Maloe, one of the finest photographers in Second Life, knows it very well. Unnatural colors, abstract and sometimes even non-realistic settings have been hallmarks of her work and it can be seen in her latest exhibition at Dixmix Gallery as well.

Titled “Carpe Noctem“, which translates to “seize the night”, this exhibition, housed in the Amalfi Room of the Dixmix Gallery, is a stunning display of Maloe’s creativity and ability to evoke various emotions.

It can be said that modern art was utterly revolutionized by Andy Warhol’s screen-printed artworks. His iconic one of Marilyn Monroe, created shortly after her death in 1962, is something most of us are familiar with. Maloe Vansant, taking inspiration from his style of using vibrant, sometimes unnatural colors, features a series of four portraits within this exhibition, created in four distinctive tones and which are completely mesmerizing.

Apart form this, in every other image, Maloe brings out the underlying emotions in her subjects through use of surreal, sometime abstract imagery as well as tones of different colors. For example, “The Truth is Mine” is a brilliant depiction of the three versions of truth which exist to any story – my truth, your truth and THE truth. She uses the contrast between blue and golden shades to reflect this beautifully in her portrait.

Having said that, Maloe’s work is very largely interpretive and it is up to the viewer to make connections, which are often a result of their own personal experiences and mindset. A trip to the Dixmix Gallery to visit and connect with Maloe’s art is a highly rewarding experience and one art lovers will surely enjoy.


  1. Dixmix Gallery – Madori Bay

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