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Cells by Moki Yuitza at The Sim Quarterly

Moki Yuitza combines an artistic masterpiece with an engaging hunt together in this visually stunning project.

The Sim Quarterly always promises something unique and amazing and eventually leaves you bedazzled and astounded. The art projects on display here are totally unlike anything you would have ever witnessed before.

This time around, it is showcasing Cells by Moki Yuitza. This magnificent and distinctive art project focuses on something which has rarely been seen in Second Life® before – Artificial Neural Networks.

Click the center of this glowing portal once you’re ready

Upon arrival at the Welcome area, a bot greets you with an IM that gives information about the Art Project. On the wall, you will find graphical representations of the changes you need to make to your Graphics tab in the Preferences menu for the best experience. Moki recommends viewing the Art project with a minimum draw distance of 300 m. This might worry those of you with a not-so-good computer or internet but I can assure you that it will not cause any lag at all.

The designer has also added in a fun aspect to the whole project by incorporating a hunt within the sim. You will find instructions to the hunt by clicking on the bright white cone next to the bot in the welcome area. It will also give you a face light which will light up not just your avatar but also the environment around you.

Zoom out for a staggering view of the exhibit in its entireity

Once you’re all ready to go, hit the center of the glowing portal in the room and you will be transported to a world like no other.

The exhibit itself is visually stunning and artistically fascinating as it moves continuously. It consists of a cubic grid with spheres filling up the holes. There are spheres of varying sizes; some hollow, others solid. To top it all, the spheres constantly revolve and rotate constantly, perhaps simulating the working “brain” of the AI. It is the perfect representation of what is known, in scientific terms, as ordered chaos. You can zoom out for a staggering view of the entire exhibit. It will surely leave you in awe.

A staircase consisting of a series of ramps can be used to climb up the entire exhibit

The entire project is a playground for photographers as the illuminated, rotating spheres play some really beautiful tricks and light up the whole space in changing colors. There are multiple levels within this project. You can run, you can walk or you can fly around to explore this artistic masterpiece. There is even a staircase made out of a series of ramps that you can use to climb up.

In this masterpiece, we embark on a journey in the Micro space diving deep into the “mind” of an Artificial Intelligence. What makes “Cells” even more remarkable and impressive is the fact that she has managed to keep an exhibit as beautiful and vast as this one completely lag-free and still equally engaging.

Since her first public creation, the Hypercube in October 2018, Moki Yuitza has produced some extraordinary creations. This masterpiece is certainly one of the largest feathers in her cap. She has no plans to stop designing wonderful builds such as these and we are thrilled and excited to see more of her work!

The illuminated, rotating spheres play some really beautiful tricks and light up the whole space in changing colors

This exhibit is a wonder to be awed by, to explore, to have fun and to gain a new perspective on things – a true artistic masterpiece. It makes you realize and grasp the similarities and parallels between the human brain and an artificial intelligence and marvel at the sheer creativity on display.

“Cells by Moki Yuitza” at The Sim Quarterly is open until April 4th. A visit is highly recommended for an experience like no other. Click HERE to visit this project inworld.

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