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Check out the art of ARnnO PLAneR at IMAGO's Suburbs Galleries

With almost 15K followers on his Flickr account, ARnnO PLAneR is one of Second Life's most followed photographers. This exhibition is a rare opportunity to admire his work inworld!

IMAGO Arts & Culture is the set of art spaces owned and curated by Mareea Farrasco, an artist herself who is equally good with both landscape photographs and avatar-driven work. Tuesday saw the inauguration of a new space at IMAGO - the Suburbs Galleries - with an exhibition by ARnnO PLAneR, an artist whose avatar-centered work is extremely engaging and mesmerizing.

ARnnO happens to be one of the few artists from Second Life, who have more than 10K followers on their Flickr account, a remarkable feat by itself. These followers have been built over the course of a decade and after publishing thousands of images, which show the evolution of his work through the years.

The collection of art exhibited in the Suburbs Galleries consists of a very small slice of his Flickr account, a set of 22 images spread out in two buildings, which were perhaps airplane hangars or warehouses originally but have been transformed into galleries by Mareea.

Anyone who has been to IMAGOland in the past knows that Mareea, apart from being a skilled artist and curator, is also an equally good sim designer. This can be seen further in the Suburbs Galleries, where the overall environment gives the perfect feeling of being in the suburbs of a city and exploring an art gallery in this ambiance.

ARnnO's work is, of course, spectacular. The close-up portraits which evoke an emotional response as well as artwork which creates a narrative within itself, can all be found within this set of his images.

By heart, ARnnO considers himself to be a SNAPAHOLIC and has his own community of people who share his passion for photography. With many talented photographers (including Mareea herself) being a part of this community, the idea is to create social bonds with others who love photography in SL and Flickr. If you are interested in being a part of this community, contact ARnnO or another Snapaholic!

The Suburbs Galleries are a wonderful addition to the art spaces at IMAGO and we look forward to many more exhibitions in this amazing location.



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