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Christmas Love Valley : A Delightful Fusion of Winter, Romance and Fantasy

Skating on a frozen lake, a full-blown snowball battle, fairytale gingerbread houses and a romantic snowy cave… Christmas Love Valley is a charming destination you must visit!

The connection between the winter season and feelings of love and romance is profound. For centuries, winter has been a season that tends to draw people closer to each other. Warmth, affection and comfort are valued much more in the harsh cold than on a bright summer day. Snuggling together in a warm blanket, sipping on some hot chocolate in the chill of winter is one of the most romantic things every couple looks forward to doing.

Love Valley Romance is a region that is operated and designed by Evely Heartsong, a sim designer as well as an incredible live singer. Evely keeps changing the landscape every season, thus allowing visitors to experience love and romance in all possible seasons here. Love Valley Spring was included by us in the Picks of the Month for April 2021 (see HERE). The latest iteration of Love Valley – Christmas Love Valley – is situated on a platform above Winter Love Valley and uses a similar kind of build, but is significantly more magical and charming as compared to the latter.

The landing point is next to a frozen lake that covers a large area in the actual valley. At the center of the lake is a large , beautifully decorated Christmas tree that twinkles with a magical charm. At the landing point, two sleighs can be found with animations for couples to try out, along with a teleport panel that will take you to a number of places within the build. However, we would highly recommend you to walk around rather than use these TPs as there is much more to see and experience here.

While much of the valley itself is covered with a frozen lake the hill that flanks the valley on the southern side contains a large part of the build that deserves exploration. Along the banks of the frozen lake, a number of campfires can be found along with armchairs, a game of Greedy and some hot chocolate. On some rocks, a group of penguins can be found.

From the landing itself, one is left spellbound by the breathtaking beauty of this place. The hills on the southern side are dotted with gingerbread houses, making for a fantasy-filled romantic atmosphere that one just can not get enough of. The entire region is also bathed in a bluish glow that heightens the peace, calm and tranquility that winter brings with it.

A series of steps goes up the hill and provides a way to reach the gingerbread houses, which are definitely the highlight of this region. Soon, the stairs bring us to a small build of a snow fort with a cannon pointed towards another similar fort which can be seen across a stretch of the valley. By grabbing a fort each, here couples, or even friends, can engage in a snowball battle that is always a whole lot of fun! You need to simply “sit” on the cannon and follow the instructions in local chat to use the cannon properly.

From here, we move past an antique clock and up another flight of stairs to reach the first of the gingerbread houses (which are actually just house faces). From here, you can choose to explore the town at your leisure. Take some photographs with these unique gingerbread houses or ride a carousel with your partner. One of the most incredible spots couples can enjoy in this town is perhaps Santa’s sleigh parked on a stone bridge, offering a chance to enjoy each other’s company along with an spectacular view.

Christmas Love Valley does come with some hidden surprises, the most beautiful one being the snowy cave where one can find polar bears, penguins and reindeer, along with an opportunity to dance in a romantic setting. Couples can also choose to participate in a some fun activities here like couples skating on the frozen lake.

For photographers, this build is a paradise as it offers an incredible landscape that blends the charm of winter, romance and fantasy. Moreover, the region also allows free rezzing to enable photographers to rez poses along with any props they may need. Please do ensure you don’t misuse these rights and clean up after you are done.

Christmas Love Valley celebrates the joy and magic of Christmas and offers a range of fun activities from skating to a full-blown snowball battle. This is a place which has something for everyone. Here, one can relax, try out any of the activities or take some photographs with your partner or friends. A visit to this incredible region is highly recommended.


  1. Christmas Love Valley – Love Valley Romance



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