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Cica Ghost creates Drawn Town again

Above her shop, Cica Ghost has created a miniature version of one of her own builds from 2019 – Drawn Town, giving us a chance to revisit her beautiful creation.

Artist Cica Ghost is known for the incredible builds she makes from time to time using her own creations. Just last month, “Stars by Cica Ghost” was lauded and praised by the entire community. This time, instead of a build spread out over an entire region, Cica has opted to do a small version of one of her most interesting builds from 2019 – Drawn Town.

The build has been constructed above Cica’s shop, which is located on the Appalachian sim. Upon landing at the shop, you can follow the arrows on the ground which will lead you to a Teleport Board. This board will serve as the medium through which you can enter Drawn town.

Drawn Town will inevitably remind you of the drawings and sketches you made as a kid. Blocky houses with triangular roofs, flowers with five round petals and many other basic drawings which we do as kids have been incorporated by Cica into this build. In fact, upon entering the build, one feels like being inside a 3D model of a drawing made on paper.

Cica Ghost has blended together 2D drawings and sketches (especially her stick figures) with 3D elements inworld to create some incredible things in some of her past builds. This is even more prominently seen in Drawn Town, which is perhaps the closest one can get to representing drawings in a 3D world.

A couple of benches around the small build also offer us the chance to sit down in this Drawn Town and take some pictures in this unique and rather interesting environment. Cats are something Cica is very fond of and uses in her builds often. One of her lovely cats can be spotted in Drawn Town as well.

This is a great opportunity for those of us who missed seeing Cica’s original Drawn Town to experience this fantastic build. Cica’s shop below Drawn Town contains several of her creations from past builds, which are available for sale.

As we have seen in the past, Cica’s builds are open to visitors only for a limited amount of time. So better visit Cica Ghost’s Drawn Town as early as possible and experience the magic this incredible artist creates using her creativity and imagination.

Click HERE to visit Cica’s shop and Drawn Town inworld.

Check out this ALBUM on Cica’s Flickr Page to view her past builds.

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