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Cica Ghost : Enjoy A Timeless Journey

Go on a fun trip through Cica Ghost’s latest build – “Timeless” – while meeting some quirky characters, trying out humorous animations and having the kind of fun that is eternal.

With the month of February comes another build by Cica Ghost, the second one so far this year. Cica keeps switching back and forth between builds with a lighter, cheery atmosphere to others with a more poignant, thought-provoking ambiance. However, one thing which is common in most of her builds is laughter and fun.

In “Timeless“, she goes back to an ambiance reminiscent of “Stars“, a build she created last year. A dark brooding atmosphere with quirky, funny characters creates the contrast which Cica is often looking to create through her work.

Laughter is timeless. Imagination has no age. And dreams are forever.

Walt Disney’s quote rings true not just with regards to this build, but in general, for almost all of Cica’s builds. Cica’s builds will always be timeless. Even years into the future, someone stepping into them will enjoy them just as much as we do in the present day, the reason being that she always uses the most simple things to create something truly fascinating.

To get the best viewing experience from this installation, it is necessary to get your settings right. Just as in all of Cica’s builds, using Shared Environment is highly recommended as the environment Cica creates is an essential part of the experience. Along with this, Cica also recommends you use Advanced Lighting Model and set Shadows to Sun/Moon + Projectors.

Timeless” uses a set of characters, some new and others old, which really are the soul of any Cica build. Perhaps the most common ones are the Bunnyman, the Bunnykid and the Bunnygirl, all of which are found at various places around the region, engaged in a number of activities. In a way, they characterize this region. At one point, a Bunnykid can be seen wearing rollers while at another, two Bunnygirls enjoy an ice cream cone together while watching a Bunnyman shoot basketballs into the basket.

As you continue to explore the intricacies and details of “Timeless“, you will find subtle hints and pointers towards the fact that bunnies are a prominent theme throughout the build. Even some of the buildings, such as the windmill or the upper part of Cica’s boat-cart, also have a pair of bunny ears.

One of the most fun things to do at any Cica build is find a dance machine and dance to your heart’s content. The dances are most often adjusted to suit the music that plays and often will bring a smile to your face as you go scrolling through them. Also don’t forget to try out animations wherever you can find them in the region as they are almost always great photo opportunities.

In the eastern part of the build, Cica also has a shop where one can purchase any of the characters found in this build, right from the Bunnymen to the Birds in Boots. “Timeless” is another fun-filled adventure from Cica that reminds us of the fact that other things may come and go but laughter and joy are permanent.


  1. Timeless by Cica Ghost – Thenest

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