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Circus : An Outstanding Build by Cica Ghost

If all else fails, join the circus – visit Cica Ghost’s latest build that will awaken the kid within you.

Cica Ghost never ceases to amaze us with the magic she creates in her installations. She has come up with another exciting and fun build for all those who wish to relive their childhood days and have some good old circus fun.

Unlike what you might think merely going by the name, Circus is not a show. It is a build – one that has been crafted by one of the most remarkable creators in SL – Cica Ghost. A little over a month ago, Cica had re-created one of her previous builds – Drawn Town – above her shop. But this is Cica’s first full-scale build after “Stars” in March.

Stars had a steampunk setting with the sky playing a big role in setting the tone and atmosphere of the place. In Circus, it is Cica’s quirky, fascinating characters and the immersive nature of the build which makes it truly amazing.

Circus by Cica Ghost

As soon as you land at Circus, you need to make sure you have your settings right. Cica recommends you to set:

  1. Advanced lighting Model ON

  2. Environment -> Use Shared Environment

  3. Shadows -> Sun/Moon + Projectors

The environment is set in rich dark tones from which the bright colors of Cica’s circus shine through to create a beautiful contrast.

Circus, like most of Cica’s builds, is highly interactive and is a perfect place to take some quirky, funny pictures with your partner, friends or even just by yourself. Jump on the trampolines with smiley faces drawn on them, ride the ducks as they go round and round in a circle or get inside Cica’s version of a Ferris wheel which will make your head spin.

Circus by Cica Ghost

The props and characters in Cica’s circus are remarkable and done in Cica’s very own style. As we have seen in her previous builds, Cica likes to use hand-painted textures in most of her work and this is visible in Circus as well. This gives her builds a very human touch and appeals to the kid present within each of us. Everything, right from the flowers to the wagons, and even the big circus tent, has been created by her from scratch and it displays her incredible skills and creativity.

Circus by Cica Ghost is a build you will enjoy and make happy memories at. There is also a shop where you can purchase the characters you see around this build.

Click HERE to visit Circus by Cica Ghost and have a great time with your friends!

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