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Clay and Seed : A Collaboration of Art Forms at Akimori

A master of 3D installations, an incredible digital artist and an outstanding poetess have collaborated to create an installation at Akimori which will leave you completely awestruck.

Haveit Neox’s latest build in the region of Akimori lies on a harsh, barren desert landscape, where the only respite is a pond of water at the center. This land of emptiness forms a perfect backdrop for an installation that deals with themes of destruction, growth, abuse, hope, gratefulness and loneliness.

A collaboration between artists is always good to see, even better when its between artists who specialize in their own respective fields but have come together to create something truly remarkable. While Haveit Neox is one of the most well-known 3D artists in Second Life, Bamboo Barnes is perhaps one of the most fascinating digital artist who uses SL photography as the base for her work. Accompanying them in this installation is the poetry of Lilia Artis. One can say that this installation is a fusion of three different art forms.

Clay and Seed” by Haveit Neox, Bamboo Barnes and Lilia Artis – Akimori

A part of Haveit’s installation provides the galleries which support Bamboo’s imagery, while Lilia’s poetry adorns the windows of these clay buildings and thus closes the circle. During the process, one can easily notice that each artist’s work has, in some way, inspired the other two. The art of each artist supports the other in the same way clay supports seeds and in turn, the plants which are born from the seeds hold the clay together. Haveit, Bamboo and Lilia have been supporters of each other’s work for years now and it is exciting to see them collaborate and create an installation that is immersive and completely unique.

The installation is essentially set on two levels, with a majority of it floating above the barren desert. A part of it, however, has been set out around the small pond that can be found at the center of the build. This part is a mini installation created by Bamboo Barnes by using light cubes of her own digital artwork created by Delain Canucci. These light cubes (created using projectors), when walked through, give the illusion of being in a 3D space with six cubes surrounding you.

Clay and Seed” by Haveit Neox, Bamboo Barnes and Lilia Artis – Akimori

The landing point, however, is on the upper level, which houses a large portion of the installation. Two galleries made out of clay face each other, separated only by a circular platform, with a giant net forming its base. Flanking this platform are a few giant fish galleons created by Haveit, shown to be covered in fisherman’s nets. Throughout his installation, Haveit has explored this theme of environmental destruction and the way humans have exploited nature for their personal greed.

Both the galleries in this installation house Bamboo Barnes’ artwork. The art can not be bought here directly, but a price list is available here, after which interested buyers can contact Bamboo about purchasing any of them. Bamboo Barnes overlays her SL photographs digitally and creates portraits and scenes which are highly evocative and engaging. A number of her older works can be seen in the gallery building which lies towards the southwest.

Clay and Seed” by Haveit Neox, Bamboo Barnes and Lilia Artis – Akimori

The other building, however, has some truly stunning artwork with a completely different theme. All of the photographs in this particular building have been taken at various artistic installations around the grid, including many using Haveit’s work as the base. Other artists whose installations feature in this series are Cica Ghost, Mistero Hifeng, Jadeyu Fhang, Meilo Minotaur, Eupalinos Ugajin, Theda Tammas, Giovanna Cerise and Livio Korobase among others.

In each of these images, Bamboo has enhanced the images digitally to reflect the emotions these installations evoke in her and viewers can easily get a good sense of these feelings through her imagery. Lilia’s poetry adorns the windows of the gallery, which are situated a bit high above Bamboo’s pieces. Her poetry can also be read at the entrance to both galleries where a few sculptures of storks hold it in their beaks.

Clay and Seed” by Haveit Neox, Bamboo Barnes and Lilia Artis – Akimori

What makes this installation at Akimori truly special is that the collaboration between the artists does not feel forced. It feels as natural as the symbiotic relationship between the clay and the seeds to nurture a plant. “Clay and Seed” by Haveit Neox, Bamboo Barnes and Lilia Artis is an installation that will leave you impressed and fascinated by its sheer scale and grandeur along with the symbolism and hidden metaphors which can be found beneath the surface.


  1. Clay and Seed – Akimori

P.S : Don’t forget to collect the gifts found by the landing point of this installation.

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