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Cloven Forest : Roaming the Mystical Wilderness

A sense of peace and calm will envelope you as you traverse the forests of Cloven and uncover its secrets.

With most of my physical existence recently spent between the four walls of my urban apartment thanks to the coronavirus, I don’t miss out on opportunities to explore the wilderness in Second Life. While exploring such places of immense beauty in the virtual world, I often relive memories and experiences of the innumerable hikes I have undertaken over the years in the lap of nature.

The thrill of the journey is as important as the destination, sometimes even more so because there is no destination that we have in mind. The fresh air of the forest, the sound of burbling streams and the exciting feeling of not knowing what you may find around the next corner is what makes these hikes special.

Cloven Forest, a brand new region in Second Life, really managed to captured my fascination. A forest of fir trees covered in mist, dirt roads winding through the woodlands beneath a canopy of trees and clear streams of fresh water flowing through – all these made my craving to get out there and start my hiking journeys again even stronger.

Upon arrival at Cloven, we land under the shelter of a cozy wooden pavilion, where a smoldering fire provides warmth and comfort. Bottles of wine and some snacks await us at the pavilion. A gentle fog lingers in the air surrounding the structure, giving the forest around it an air of mystery. Before you start exploring this fantastic region, make sure you have the sounds turned up as they play a critical role in the Cloven experience.

Crossing a small wooden bridge across one of the many brooks and streams in the region, we enter the depths of the tranquil fir forest. The silence, interrupted only by the natural sounds of the wilderness, grows upon us as we continue to walk, unsure of what surprises lie ahead.

Much like a real jungle, one can find very few clear-cut pathways in Cloven Forest. For the most part, you have to make your way around through the open spaces available, which makes the hike even more adventurous and exciting. The wild lands of Cloven hold some interesting twists and surprises which will pleasantly surprise you. It is the perfect blend of reality and fantasy that makes this region incredibly exciting to explore.

The area beyond the big river that flows through the region is the private residence of the sim owners, Nova Murray and Devyn Grimm. A small board near the bridge across the river clearly announces it to all visitors and although the lands beyond do look beautiful and inviting, I think one should respect their privacy and keep to this side of the river.

The Cloven Forest is a hotspot of biodiversity and is inhabited by many different kinds of animals and birds. One stumbles upon many different creatures throughout this region, all in their natural habitat. Bears, wolves, deer, rabbits and many more incredible species call this place their home. We are nothing but visitors in this place where nature is king.

Atop a hill located in Cloven forest, we come across the ruins of what appears to be an ancient fortress. Most of the fortress has been destroyed, while nature and vegetation has taken over the remaining bits. These desolate ruins tower over the region as a steady reminder of more glorious days in the past.

Right next to the hill, an eerie atmosphere surrounds a graveyard with several tombstones. Within the walls, we also come across the barren ruins of a chapel. The architecture is really beautiful but one can see that nature has taken its toll on the remaining structures. These ruins provide us with a brief glimpse into the past. This graveyard was the mode of transition between this life and the next for all the departed souls buried here and is a place of silence and respect.

Horse riding is also possible in this region and is definitely something that should be on your list. A horse rezzer can be found right next to the pavilion where you landed. Riding a horse through the rich, spellbound forest of Cloven is truly a wonderful experience.

The Cloven Forest provides ample opportunities for photography. The dense forests, the ruined fortress, the graveyard and the fairy circle present some rare opportunities for taking some memorable snaps. Couples can get some quality time together wandering these lands and will find plenty of spots suitable for cuddling up with their lovers.

Cloven Forest is also available freely for events. If you would like to host an event here, please contact one of the sim owners.

Visit the Cloven Forest today, tour its mystical lands and be amazed by its natural beauty. Click HERE to visit this region inworld.

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