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A Collaborative Expo about Animals - Art Experience

Artists Deborakaz, Adwehe, Rafael Correia and Lizbeth Morningstar have each created artwork, interpreting animals in their own unique style. Don't miss this at the Art Experience in Second Life!

Now open at the Art Experience is a collaborative exhibition by four artists - Adwehe, Deborakaz, Rafael Correia and Lizbeth Morningstar. This happens to be the third, or possibly fourth (I may be completely wrong here) collaboration between these artists.

The topic at hand is "Animals". Who, or what is an animal? What do we have in common with animals? What is our perception of animals? Who are the animals really? As you can see, one simple word can trigger a multitude of questions. And the four artists exhibiting here interpret this word in their own ways and their own styles.

Four rooms lead off a central foyer, each housing the art of one of these artists. The treatment given to the subject matter at hand is strikingly different in each case. For example, Lizbeth Morningstar makes heavy use of colors and livens up the frame with them whereas Rafael Correia and Deborakaz are more drawn towards using grayscale for their work.

In a note at the entrance of her exhibition, Deborakaz dedicates it to her two dogs - Virginia and Ligia, that passed away this month. There is no pain greater than losing true friends, she says. And she is right, for there are no greater friends than animals.

In her exhibit here, Adwehe focuses on the gentle giants - elephants. On the far wall in her exhibit space, one can see a large format broad photograph taken of the elephants at her recent installation - "A Symbiotic Love Affair" at SLEA Region 8 (read our article HERE), in which Deborakaz also happened to play a part.

This is an exhibition primarily of 2D artwork as compared to "A Symbiotic Love Affair", which is much larger in scale and give smore focus to 3D artwork. In this space, only Deborakaz's exhibit weaves some sculptures into the exhibition, while others are solely driven by 2D artwork.

The sleek, minimalist layout of the exhibition space, the variety of approaches by each individual artist to the same prompt and some beautiful lighting creates an engaging experience for any visitor.

"Animals" by Deborakaz, Adwehe, Rafael Correia and Lizbeth Morningstar officially opens TODAY (Sunday, October 30th) at 12 pm SLT with music by DJ Tallulah Winterwolf. However, the exhibition is already set up and visitors can start visiting even now!



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