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Colores Primarios - Bamboo Barnes at Nitroglobus Gallery

The primary colors - red, blue and yellow - pop out of the dark atmosphere, making Bamboo Barnes' exhibition at the Nitroglobus Gallery visually stunning and deeply engaging.

After almost two years, Bamboo Barnes has returned to the Nitroglobus Gallery with a very special exhibition. Colores Primarios, translating to Primary Colors in English, is Bamboo's latest exhibition and one which stays true to her characteristic style, while also exploring new ideas.

The name of the exhibition explains the basic concept in a very simple manner. However there is deeper things that lie within each image as you peel the layers off Bamboo's images.

In her introductory notecard, Bamboo writes:

"In a hot and humid room, blue at the hem of the curtains.

In a windless room, red on the floor.

In closing your eyes and seeing it disappear, yellow.

What color is the ground you cower on?

What color is the sigh your breath makes?

What color is that place where you fall asleep?

What are your basic colors? "

Red, blue and yellow are the three basic colors which can be mixed in different proportions to create a plethora of other colors. These colors and their fluid nature is what takes center stage in Colores Primarios.

In many ways, Bamboo has always used these primary colors to great effect in her past work as well. However, in this case, they play a pivotal role with a special focus on red, the one color which has fascinated her perhaps a bit more than others.

Each of us has our set of colors we feel comfortable to work with and which please us immensely. An artist, in many ways, is always on a journey towards finding the right mix that suits them. And as they drift along this journey come several fascinating discoveries, which help them hone their craft.

Bamboo Barnes' art at the Nitroglobus Gallery is a beautiful mix of static 2D images along with some dynamic, animated works, all of which, together with Adwehe's light art and some amazing sculptures laid out by Dido, creates an engaging experience for visitors.



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