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Crack - Terry Gold's Thought-Provoking Installation

Terry Gold's latest installation in Second Life is visually stunning and tells heart-touching stories with an important message that applies to today's society.

Terry Gold is one of the best storytellers in Second Life, who uses the virtual world to tell stories which touch a special place within your heart. Most of the stories she narrates are highly personal and inspired by incidents which took place in her own life in the physical world.

"Crack" continues this trend while also delivering an important message through Terry's words and the beautiful display she has created.

To ensure that you are seeing this exhibit the way the artist intended, it is necessary to get a few settings right:

  • Use Shared Environment (World -> Environment -> Use Shared Environment)

  • Enable Advanced Lighting Model (Preferences -> Graphics -> General -> Enable Advanced Lighting Model)

  • Enable Shadows (Preferences -> Graphics -> General -> Enable Shadows to Sun/Moon + Projectors)

  • Set Draw Distance to 100 m

  • Remove any Bodylight and Facelight

The narrative of the exhibition focuses on drug abuse and explores themes of how gateway drugs, which may be harmless by themselves, might lead to the youth getting addicted further.

As has been the case in some of her past exhibits, Terry uses a woman clad in a black jacket and holding a purse to represent herself and it is through her, that we can access the two parts of the story. The story will be narrated to you in local chat as you approach these two versions of Terry.

"Crack" is an installation that holds a mirror to society and forces us to think on who might be responsible for this menace. Is it the fault of the parents that their kids get influenced? Or is it the fault of the society that it doesn't offer them great future prospects?

While the first narration is about the society at large, the second one is more personal and narrates the story of a frustrated girl Terry observes through the window of her house. The story is really touching and tells the story of a number of youth in this world who have been addicted to some drug or the other. The helplessness and the frustration comes out in many forms and Terry has been able to describe it very well.

The stories narrated have also been visually displayed. Within a frame, made to look like a photograph, is the scene described in the latter story. You can enter the frame, walk around and find the girl who the second tale revolves around.

"Crack" by Terry Gold will make you reflect upon the evils of drug abuse and our own responses to it as a society. The dark interiors and Terry's brilliant use of projectors to create gorgeous, dramatic displays makes this a visually stunning and engaging installation to visit.


  • Crack - Terrygold Art Gallery


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