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Craggy Island : A Wee Bit of Ireland

Explore the scenic landscape of this small island straight out of a sitcom and get a glimpse into life in the Irish countryside.

Not too long ago, I wrote an article about Summer of 42, a region which draws inspiration from the landscape of a 1970s coming-of-age film. Craggy Island is loosely based on a fictional island of the same name which has featured in a Channel 4 sitcom – Father Ted.

Occupying an entire Homestead region, Craggy Island is a picturesque, tranquil place. Located off the west coast of Ireland, the landscape of this beautiful island consists of rocky cliffs and fields of grass stretching into the distance. A few buildings (mostly farmhouses) can be seen on the bleak, isolated island.

In the sitcom, the weather of Craggy Island has been depicted as being cold and harsh with storms frequently hitting the island. A lighthouse can be seen in one part of this island to warn off ships that might run aground during such storms or worse, be smashed to pieces against the huge boulders lining the coast of the island.

We can see many farms on Craggy Island. Near the farmhouses, one can spot a number of farm animals. Sheep and horses can be seen grazing on the grass that is found in plenty on this island. Behind one of the farms, you can also see a chicken coop with some rather healthy-looking birds.

Apart from its scenic beauty, the region also offers us a glimpse into Irish country life. A village pub can be found near the landing point with an Irish flag hoisted right next to it. The interiors of the pub are quite nice and cozy. Definitely a great spot to halt for a glass of stout!

One of the buildings from the sitcom, Father Ted, that one can spot on this island is the church. Like most buildings on this island, the church building happens to be an ancient structure and has weathered many storms over the course of time. Some other structures which have not been so lucky can also be seen on Craggy Island.

Dirt paths can only be found at a few places on Craggy Island. But the vegetation is not at all thick anywhere on the island and it is quite easy for us to navigate through the sparse vegetation even without visible paths. For photographers, this region offers a chance to create some breathtaking images against the backdrop of the Irish countryside.

Since it is located on a Homestead region, this place is relatively lag-free and is always covered in a faint layer of mist, which lends an element of mystery to the island. Whether it is for photography, to explore or to just to unwind by yourself, Craggy Island is one place you should definitely not miss out on.

Click HERE to visit Craggy Island inworld and explore its beautiful countryside.


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