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Crescent Moon : Adwehe’s Sublime Magic with Lights and Colors

In this extremely immersive installation at the Nitroglobus Gallery, Adwehe uses the beauty of lights, colors and shadows to bring out changing moods and emotions like the phases of a moon.

The virtual world offers nearly limitless possibilities to play with lights, colors and create installations which would probably be almost impossible (or at least infeasible) to create in the physical world. Adwehe’s latest installation at the Nitroglobus Gallery is one such example of an exhibit which would almost certainly be impossible (or at least incredibly difficult) to create in the physical world.

There is perhaps no other artist who uses the exhibit space as well as Adwehe does. Being well aware of the incredible power of what is possible with lights and projectors in Second Life, she uses them to create installations which are not just thought-provoking but also visual spectacles to marvel at.

Crescent Moon” by Adwehe – Nitroglobus Gallery

Titled “Crescent Moon“, Adwehe’s exhibit is a blend of 2D works, 3D sculptures and also her specialty, which is of course, lighting. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that a visit to this installation is nothing short of an immersive experience… all underneath a crescent moon which dominates the starlit sky towards the south east.

However, the influence of the moon on this exhibit goes beyond that. In the introductory note to the exhibit, Adwehe writes:

The moon has a mysterious attraction and influence on living beings and on many other things.. As the moon makes its way around the earth, its light, a reflection of the sun, marks shapes differently than how they really are: they get distorted.

Crescent Moon” by Adwehe – Nitroglobus Gallery

Using this concept, through “Crescent Moon“, Adwehe draws a comparison between our physical selves and our avatars in the virtual world, which are somewhat distorted versions of us, sitting behind a computer in the physical world. Just as the light of the moon is the indirect sunlight, the avatars are indirectly human beings wrapped up in their own virtual creations.

This installation is like a journey which explores a blend of photography and painting, thus blurring the lines between the real and the virtual. Playing with the elements of the virtual environment we inhabit, Adwehe is able to bring out changing moods and emotions with her characteristic strong, vibrant colors which bring out a positive energy in the entire exhibit.

Crescent Moon” by Adwehe – Nitroglobus Gallery

Color-changing spheres arranged in the form of ribbons, sometimes also developing beautiful patterns, add a sense of dynamic randomness to the exhibition. Change, transformation, instability, chaos, light, color, movement – these have been recurrent themes in many of Adwehe’s previous installations and they are all seen beautifully together in this immersive display.

Ordered chaos is perhaps the best way to describe Adwehe’s installations. For example, within this installation, at several places, you will find small cards with lying on the floor, something which she has done in her past exhibits as well. The colors are ever changing, depending on the lights, which she has controlled using a script.

Crescent Moon” by Adwehe – Nitroglobus Gallery

In her 2D works (and in most of her work in general), the eloquent use of shadows is something to be admired and appreciated. Adwehe recognizes the fact that light can not exist without shadows and thus shadows are just as important in her work. The crescent moon, in fact, is not crescent because of light but because of the shadow cast by the earth upon it.

A mesmerizing display of colors and an immersive experience that will leave you amazed, Adwehe’s latest installation is not just one of her grandest, visually stunning displays but also one of her most personal ones as well. Another mind-blowing exhibit from one of Second Life’s most original and true artists.


  1. Nitroglobus Roof Gallery – Sunshine Homestead

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